Need help with ASUS P4S8X-MX wiring

Discussion in 'Asus' started by timO', Sep 15, 2007.

  1. timO'

    timO' Guest

    I picked up a used computer with the above mobo. It is a flat desktop
    case, but I cannot identify the manufacturer of the case. The problem
    is that there is an auxilliary board installed which is somehow
    involved with turning the system on an off.
    i plan to remove the auxilliary board to free up the slot.So i want to
    be able to rewire the unit for traditional on/off and reset switch

    the switches and LEDs are as follows.
    on the rear is the power switch. on the front is what appears to be an
    on/off in the lower center. on the left side front is a green LED
    (power I think) yellow LED (HDD I think) and a reset switch.
    With the auxilliary board installed, the system boots when the power
    switch in the back is turned on, and the system shuts off using
    Windows shut down sequence. To reboot it is necessary to turn the
    power switch off then back on.
    removing the auxilliary board an the harnesses attached to it renders
    the system inop
    A purple wire from the power supply plugs onto the aux board, but I
    think from doing some research that this is just +5V to this aux board
    and not part of the power switch .
    On one of the connectors to the auxilliary board there are two wires
    that when momentarily connected starts the mobo if the rear power
    switch is 'on'.

    It's a HIPOWER power supply.
    The case has stamping on it indicating it can be configured for at atx
    and micro form factors.

    Where is there a reference of typical case harness connections color
    codes, and wiring?
    I want the front on/off switch to operate as usual, rather than need
    to have to turn off the power in the back.
    I got the pinouts for the mobo, but am looking for some examples of
    case harness connections for a guideline.
    timO', Sep 15, 2007
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  2. timO'

    Paul Guest

    The motherboard has a downloadable manual. Page 16 has the PANEL
    header pinout, and looks more or less standard for Asus.

    I don't know why there would be an auxiliary board, when an ATX
    supply already has "soft off" power, and the P4S8X-MX has a
    "Restore On AC Power Loss".

    Paul, Sep 15, 2007
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  3. timO'

    timO' Guest

    The auxilliary board is a image grabber. this box was a Network Video
    I'm seeing that they rewired the chassis harness so that the
    softswitch goes to this board, but why they did doesn't concern me.
    I had downloaded the manual and saw that pinout. there are only 5
    pairs of wires involved the two LEDs the reset and the on/off. I'll
    just trace the colors, and reroute the wires.
    The purple wire is an additional +5VSB that was sprovided for the aux
    borad perhaps to wake up the system if activity on the image grabber
    was detected.
    thanks for replying and for the input
    timO', Sep 15, 2007
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