Need NeXTSTEP v3.3 Install CD for HP 712 "Gecko"

Discussion in 'HP' started by Blake Patterson, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. I recently acquired an HP 712/60 from a flea market for $25. 64MB RAM,
    2GB SCSI. My intention was to install NeXTSTEP v3.3 on it. I have a
    NeXT slab and the full NeXTSTEP v3.3 media, which includes install for
    PA-RISC machines.

    I just got everything hooked up and noted that my PA-RISC / SPARC
    install CD is somehow "shattered" in the plastic - a web of cracks. I
    have no idea how this happened as it was safely on my nulletin board, on
    "display" (I am a big NeXT fan).

    Does anyone have this install CD? I have my black hardware, its serial
    #, and a full, licensed set of manuals and media for NeXTSTEP v3.2 for
    Intel, NeXTSEP v3.3 for all platforms, and OpenStep v4.2 for Intel and
    Mach. So I don't think there's licensing issues with my asking after
    this CD.

    Would love to get this Gecko setup.


    Blake Patterson, Oct 28, 2003
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  2. Blake Patterson :

    Mail to your address bounces as "you're over your quota"...
    Michael Giegerich, Nov 1, 2003
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