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Need opinions and advice from GeforceFX 5200 owners...also WinXP memory question

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by V, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. V

    V Guest

    Hi, to all the GeforceFX 5200 owners out there. I'm sort of new to this
    entire GeforceFX 5200 thing, I just bought it even though it doesn't look as
    good as I thought it might be. I was just wondering are you happy with your
    cards and how they run certain games. Here are the questions I have:

    Do any of your cards run todays heavy 3D demanding games like Need for Speed
    Underground.and Halo?

    Do any of you think that the GeforceFX will be able to run games like Doom3
    on a GeforceFX 5200128mb card?

    Does anyone know if the Geforce 5200's bumpmapping matches that of the
    Geforce3 or Geforce4? Also are there any programs to increase the

    What were your 3Dmark scores?

    Finally I have WindowsXP and have 256MB 2700DDR memory. My system even
    though it's above many system requirements for some games comes to a crawl
    when I put the antialiasing to 4x. Even at 2Qx it seems to stutter worse
    than a virgin who has seen Pam Anderson naked. I can't even play Tribes 2. I
    think I might need more memory. I would enable the AGP8x, but I don't know
    how. Any I would really love to hear some advice from the tech heads out
    there since I'm new to this.

    Amd Athalon 2700Xp (it's operating at 2100 because I don't know how to boost
    up the speed. Also my friend said I should wait to more memory before I
    boost the speed.)
    VIA KT400 Motherboard
    256MB DDR
    GeforceFX 5200 128MB using latest 52.16 drivers
    V, Dec 11, 2003
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  2. V

    DaveW Guest

    It sounds like you're expecting speed AND performance out of nVidia's Entry
    level card. You're not going to get it. That's why they ALSO sell the 5600
    and 5900cards. THOSE are for speed and performance. Turn off antialiasing,
    (and I wouldn't plan on very high frame rates with Doom 3.)

    Sorry :(
    DaveW, Dec 12, 2003
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  3. V

    Darkfalz Guest

    Normally I'd say, don't get a FX 5200. However if you're happy with 30 fps
    or so in new games, and you are on a limited budget, it's not too bad - just
    make sure you get one with 128 bit memory, and not 64.

    FX 5200 Ultra would be a good idea too, and hopefully you'll get a decent

    If you have the money though, a good card would be the FX 5700.
    Darkfalz, Dec 12, 2003
  4. V

    Yeeyoh Guest

    Hi I have a FX5200 and windows xp. The only too games I've ever had
    troble with so far are halo and deus ex;invisible war. Every other title
    I've played seems to work great. I ussually set things to 1024x768 and
    sometimes 800x600 in older games (they seem to look more natural with this
    The biggest problem your probably having is the amount of ram you have.
    I went from 256 megs to 512 ddr sdram and the different is huge. (I plan on
    making it a gig eventually). windows xp sucks up the ram, there is no other
    way to it. and if your someone who doesn't like to tinker (do people still
    use that word) with there set up it can be even worst. Programs/windows are
    always adding things to your start up and running in the background. I
    couldn't tell you how many thing swould be running if I didn't use a program
    to check them and then delete them from my startup. (I use system mechanic
    to each there own.)
    Sure I plan on getting a better video card eventually, probably before
    the extra ram actually. I play a lot of games though. Bassically though
    you could proably put "the" supper computer together though, but with that
    much ram and windows xp your still not going to get a "super" performance.
    Oh yeah my computer is a 2600+ xp and it runs at 2083 (default)
    The FX5200 128mb is a great card. When people are sugesting new or
    different cards they seem to miss the part about "just bought", "would like
    to see what this card would do"
    Anyway one good idea would be to use coolbits tweek in your regestry
    and up your clock speeds about 10%. much past that and it might start
    hurting your picture quality.
    Your Agp probably automatically went to 8x as soon as the card was put
    in, if the board is reasonably new.
    Sorry to rambling on, I had a family member die yesterday so It's
    nice to get a chance to just type something for a while.
    Have a good one,
    Yeeyoh, Dec 12, 2003
  5. V

    Maximus Guest

    I have an ASUS FX5200, and it is merely simple entry card, which is good for
    text writing or for Internet reading. Not for games.

    The ASUS 9820V (Ti4200 card) has better resolution and color on screen.
    If you need only the simplest card, and your budget limits your choice, the
    is cheap enough for building a PC.

    If your budget allows more choice, better look for something better.

    Maximus, Dec 12, 2003
  6. V

    V Guest

    Sorry to hear about the death in the family, I know how hard that can be.
    Anyway thanks for replying. In halo and deus ex do they stutter because with
    a system like that they should run fine. Also how is the bumpmapping on that
    V, Dec 12, 2003
  7. V

    Darthy Guest

    Yes... lower details to MIN, reduce res to 640x480 or 800x600... but
    they kinda kills the "Way its meant to be played" slogan.
    GF3 = same, GF4 - dunno... doubt.
    Varies... not bad.. about 1/4 of the 5900 / 9800 cards.
    Add more memory, 512mb at least. WinXP is crap... needs more food.
    Stop doing that, no AA - 5200 is crap. It may die if you continue.
    Pam Anderson naked - whatever, better pontang elsewhere. And you
    don't need to be a virgin to stuffer.
    RTM Read The Manual.... your memory is not set right.
    Darthy, Dec 12, 2003
  8. V

    Dark Avenger Guest

    It depends, if you got a "magic" card of Asus, then you are suckered
    into a 64-bits version. And you get the performance of an GF2 ...if
    you are lucky.

    But Asus also sells 128-bits versions, though lesser then an Ultra I
    personly would never go... actually lesser then an 5700 Ultra I would
    never go!
    Dark Avenger, Dec 12, 2003
  9. V

    Yeeyoh Guest

    Sorry to hear about the death in the family, I know how hard that can be.
    Ahhh. I should have mihgt have said, the demo's for deus ex,(II) and halo.
    Both these games seem to have a problem with
    with a lot of systems,(some quite a bit better than mine)
    As far as bumpmapping in particular...Humm. To me the overall image
    quality is quite good.
    Of course the fist video game system I had was pong. And I wrote TRS-80
    programs in high school.
    Now a days I just don't "get" consoles. I do play games on-line all the
    time. And over all the picture quality is quite with this card.
    It will bottle-neck your system though (that's why I plan to upgrade). But
    no where near as much as not enough ram.
    Win xp and most modern games require lots of ram. Of course Win Xp and some
    Modern games really rock.
    so it's worth it.
    Yeeyoh, Dec 12, 2003
  10. V

    Fred Guest

    I had the 5200 for one day. It sucked. It is too slow to play new games,
    barely adequate for some older games.
    If you have the 2700xp the 5200 is not for you.

    Go for FX5700 or more. I have the 5900 after returning the 5200. The
    difference was amazing.
    Fred, Dec 13, 2003
  11. V

    DreamMaker Guest

    yes with the fx5200td it possible
    yes it will do the job buy a (fx5600) at less
    DreamMaker, Dec 13, 2003
  12. Greetings...

    1st: the fx5200 is the lowest of the entry level cards. If you are really that
    concerned about framerate, then this card was the wrong choice no matter what. You should
    have gotten at LEAST the 5600 series.
    Yes. It will run. However, you may need to lower the settings to get acceptable frame
    What cards? Of course not. - The plain vanilla 5200 is just about equal to a
    standard GF3 or the lower end GF4's with the exception that it is a true DX9 card with an
    integrated HDTV TV out. It wasn't meant to be a kick ass game performer. It was designed
    to be an all around multimedia family type video appliance card.
    I don't know, I don't care. I didn't buy it with game performance in mind. I bought it
    because it plays my DVD's out to my HDTV perfectly, I bought it because it makes Quake II
    look exquisite. I Bought it because a lot of the latest game demos are DX9 and I at least
    like to sample them. I bought it because it uses the video overlay perfectly - something
    not even my old GF2 card could do. If I cared about serious game playing, then I wouldn't
    of bought a 5200. I would have gotten the 5900 ultra.

    With a 5200, don't even bother with AA. Unless you are running something older, like
    Fallout Brotherhood of steel - or StarFleet Command - even Quake 2 or 3. Anything later
    and the textures are just way too big and the pipeline is way too small... Advice, turn
    AA off completely or upgrade to a card that can actually do it like the 5600 or better...

    Get the latest drivers it's a bug fix.. 53.04 as of yesterday...

    All in all, I LOVE this card - I got the Asylum FX5200 in Walmart for $90 They were
    bundling it with a 50 pack of 52X Maxell CDR's and jewel cases (which is what I went in to
    buy anyway!!). It installed flawlessly. It makes my desktop look sweet. Colors are much
    purer and it's fast enough for what I do. The best thing of all, is that it pipes out my
    DVD's to my TV perfectly. No artifacts, no jaggies, no flickering - just perfect right
    out of the box - no tweaking. I haven't even begun to play around with it yet -
    overclocking etc... The Winamp video playback was perfect - using overlays. DX9 works
    perfectly - My GF2 would crash to a grinding halt on anything even smelling of DX9....

    My video capture frame rates have soared! I can actually watch the capture now,
    something I couldn't do before with my old GF2 mx400 because it wouldn't use the overlays
    correctly. As I mentioned above, Fallout BOS: - for the first time I turned on the 32
    bit AA - SWEET!! I don't have the games you mention above, but I wouldn't even attempt
    AA with this card in those games or in any of the most recent titles.

    If you purchased the fx5200 as a gaming card, you made a mistake kinda like as if you
    had purchased a tnt2-M64 about a year ago to play last years games...

    It's an all around multimedia appliance card, not a serious gaming card - Kind of like
    a KIA Sportage with street tires compared to a lifted Chevy Avalanche with oversized BFG
    All terrain TA Mudders... Which would you rather have when you are out in the boonies???


    <>SPAM-KILLER<>- If you really want to contact me, then -

    You figure it out...
    Kanda' Jalen Eirsie, Dec 14, 2003
  13. V

    Darthy Guest

    Good response... For that, you got a good deal, that's like paying
    $65 for the card (128bit version, right?). And its good that its an
    improvement over the GF2 which had quality output problems anyways.

    Its a crappy gaming card, but is fine for anything else. I'm about
    to build a PC for someone with a crappy 9200se because its cheap and
    has the DVI port for a good quality 2D Desktop.
    Darthy, Dec 16, 2003
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