Need PCI FireWire Card to replace dead onboard firewire in quicksilver G4 - want deep sleep and no f

Discussion in 'Apple' started by hupjack, Aug 6, 2004.

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    I've got a Quicksilver G4 Running OS 10.3.4 that recently lost it's onboard
    Firewire. So it's time to add it back in with a PCI card.

    I started reading about deep sleep being inhibited by add in PCI firewire
    and file corruption with USB/Firewire PCI Combo Cards

    I definitely want to preserve the ability of my computer to enter into deep
    sleep, and I don't much like the idea of data corruption resulting from
    certain combos of USB and Firewire devices being plugged into the card
    simultaneously. That sorta defeats the purpose of the combo card.

    Well now I've read so many problem reports that my head is spinning. I
    figure some of the user feedback (which is mostly from 2003 and earlier in
    2004) on macintouch and xlr8yourmac might be specific to each individual
    funky system, and furthermore might be outdated by OS/driver/firmware
    patches. Hopefully some of these problems have indeed been fixed, because
    after all this reading, I'm feeling like I'm trying to choose the "least
    broken card" whereas I'd like to select one that "just works".

    So I'm definitely looking for recommendations for a trouble free PCI
    FireWire or FireWire / USB2.0 combo card that doesn't interfere with deep
    sleep, corrupt your data, or otherwise make anything blow up. If you've got
    a recommendation, feel free to stop reading right now and reply to the

    Here is what I've gathered and distilled from reading I've done so far.

    1) The macally FH2-UF24 USB2.0 / Firewire PCI Combo Card.
    Most of the reports on xlr8yourmac say it will let the computer go to deep
    sleep when nothing is attached. Macally acknowledges deep sleep problems on
    their support page
    There are reports of sleep/wake/freeze problems with certain devices
    attached and the file corruption issue (which I see no mention of on the
    macally site) is of even greater concern
    Are any of these issues fixed? Old news yet?
    Also, the USB 2.0 combo card doesn't even appear on the US website
    All I see there is the FH-UF2 1.x combo card. There are many more flavors
    of PCI cards on the European site. What's the deal with that?

    2) Orange Micro OrangeLink+ USB 2.0/Firewire
    There is one deep sleep complaint from a guy running the card in a computer
    with an OWC Mercury Extreme 1.4Ghz on OS 10.2.8.
    I'd need to read/hear some positive feedback before assuming it will sleep
    nicely in my quicksilver.

    3) Sonnet Tango 2.0 FireWire/USB 2.0
    or the Allegro FW400
    Either one would be fine by me if it played nice with my quicksilver running
    10.3.4 and go to deep sleep, but I'm dubious that either one fits the bill
    considering the legit looking copy of "Sonnet eNews - March 2004" I turned
    up in a Google search. - Not that I know anything about this
    site, but I can't see why anyone would forge an eNews letter, so I assume
    this is legit.
    Sonnet eNews - March 2004
    Tech Tip - Mac OS X 10.3.x and Deep Sleep

    Symptom: After I updated my system software to Mac OS X 10.3.x with a PCI
    adapter card installed, or after installing a PCI adapter card into a system
    that was already running Mac OS X 10.3.x, the computer will not go all the
    way to Deep Sleep.

    Issue: When the Mac OS version 10.3.x cannot completely identify a card
    running on the PCI bus, it will only put the machine into a so called "doze
    mode," the machine is using less power, however the fans continue to run.
    This is the power management part of the Mac OS, and prevents malfunctions
    of the computer or peripherals that might result from sudden loss of power
    to the PCI bus. This is not a defect in either the Mac OS nor in the PCI
    card, as this behavior is prescribed by the specifications of sleep mode.

    Solution: This is an issue that is not specific to Sonnet's PCI adapter
    cards, however it has been seen across a wide range of third party PCI
    cards. While Apple has not made any statement regarding future versions of
    OS X that will recognize a wider range of PCI cards, it is hoped that this
    will be addressed over time.

    4) Adaptec FireConnect 4300:

    From Adaptec's ASK Knowledgebase, Answer ID 4059 answers the following:
    "After installing the FireConnect 4300 adapter in a Mac running Mac OS X
    10.2 (Jaguar), the system will no longer come back from the Sleep. Is the
    FireConnect 4300 compatible with the Sleep function in Mac OS X?"

    "Since the FireConnect 4300 uses standard, embedded 1394/FireWire drivers in
    Mac OS X, it should be compatible with Sleep.
    If you encounter errors while trying to recover from Sleep, then try
    removing all 1394/FireWire devices from the FireConnect adapter and test
    Sleep once more. If the system recovers from the Sleep function in the Mac,
    then try to isolate the issue to a device by re-attaching them to the
    adapter one-by-one."

    After reading the Sonnet eNews, I'm dubious that the Adaptec Card does any
    better in 10.3.x. Can anyone give me user feedback here?

    So.... Those were just a few cards that I had read *some* positive reports
    about (as opposed to the 100% negative stuff I read about some keyspan
    cards, which sound like they are a disaster in terms of sleeping the
    computer into a coma.)

    I'll consider any card that gives me working firewire ports again and
    preserves my functioning deep sleep mode. Some other cards I spotted in the
    massive confusion of reports I've read through:

    Fire Wire Depot had the following to say at
    With all of the conversations going on in various threads online, we have
    determined after doing some testing that the following FireWire Depot PCI
    host adapters can go into deep sleep:
    1) IOI-4601 dual channel PCI
    2) IOI-4602 dual channel PCI
    3) U2FW-PCI01 FireWire/USB2 combo PCI

    but that was in regards to OS 10.2.8. No clue what the verdict is in

    A 9/12/2003 post to gives me
    some hope that this product at
    FireWire Direct might stand a chance of satisfying my lofty goals of deep
    sleep in 10.3.x, but once again, I'm dubious after reading that Sonnet eNews
    report about.

    People talking about combo cards that avoid the apparent data corruption
    problem of the Macally USB/Firewire combo, pointed to these two praising
    them for having Molex connectors on the PCI cards that supply direct power
    independently of the PCI bus. I've got no clue if the corruption issue
    is/was actually power related, but I'd certainly be happy to grab either one
    of these two cards if I hear back some 10.3.x deep sleep success stories
    with one of them.

    No clue how these IOGEAR cards stack up but they offer a straight firewire
    card and a combo card as well
    Yet another option.

    Thanks in advance everyone for any feedback you can offer,
    hupjack, Aug 6, 2004
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