Need Shuttle XPC recommendation

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by Dagfin Carp, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. Dagfin Carp

    Dagfin Carp Guest

    I've been doing some research on the Shuttle cubes but there are
    so many versions, I not sure which one would be right for me.

    Basically, I need a "workhorse" system. Something that will be
    stable running office apps and a broadband Internet connection
    every day. I don't need top-of-the-line. Just trying to figure
    out the best price\performance mix.

    Some questions:

    Can these Shuttle cubes be left running 24/7? I'm concerned about
    heat buildup.

    Would the integrated video be good enough to do spreadsheets,
    word processing, web browsers, etc. well enough on its own? I'm
    not a gamer, but a nice display is easier on the eyes when your
    working all day. If a separate video card is a better way to go,
    what works well in these rigs?

    How's the quality of the on-board sound and LAN?

    I read somewhere that the earlier models were rather noisy. Since
    it would be sitting on my desk, is noise still a problem with
    these units?

    TIA for any help on this subject.
    Dagfin Carp, Feb 5, 2004
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  2. I use an SB61G2 (intel cpu). Look on the Shuttle Group's web, if you
    haven't. I have always used Intel cpus; others will chime in with their
    favorite brands.
    my current pc runs xp-pro very well for exactly the purposes you require. I
    am not a gamer, either.
    I did not 'push' the system to the end of it's limits, using a 533fsb 2.6gig
    cpu, one gig of Crucial memory and an 80 gig h.d.

    I as a matter of practice never leave computers running 24/7. If you are
    connected via broadband to the net, it is not a good idea to do that
    anymore. You should at least LogOff when you are not at the machine. I do
    not overclock, I do not push the machine and have never had a heat problem.
    The construction quality has been excellent. Noisy cooling fans have been a
    persistant complaint and all I can say is they are gettng quieter. Mine now
    sits purring away, next to me and it doesn't bother me in the slightest.
    Built-in sound, networking, and graphics have all proved more than adequate.
    One hint: things get faster if you go into XP Control
    Panel/System/Advanced/Performance and check the setting Adjust For Best
    Performance. That in my opinion gets rid of a lot of artifacts that simply
    slow the graphics down w/o adding anything whatever of value.
    Michael Hobbs, Feb 5, 2004
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  3. Dagfin Carp

    Robin Davies Guest

    I have just constructed a SN41G2 with Athlon 2.4g 512/333Mhz (any old) RAM
    and a FX5200 card
    2 HDDs and 1 DVRW. XP Pro. You have to move cables around to "squeeze" the
    Video card in.
    The Power supply "ticks" when on standby. I have problems connecting
    external IDE drives
    in caddies both 1394 and USB2.0 (may be me!). Runs 12/7 and so far I would
    Integrate video certainly adequate for office applications. I listen to
    KPLU/KMHD pretty well
    all the time and the sound is excellent. LAN no problem. Noise no problem.
    Robin Davies, Feb 5, 2004
  4. Dagfin Carp

    JAB van Ree Guest

    Depends a bit... my new SB75G2 doesn't suffer much from heat buildup since
    the sides are both grated, which really works well. My old SV24 did warm up
    quick and wouldn't run stable for more than 6 hours.
    SB75 doesn't come with any on-board video, but just an AGP slot. IMHO,
    you're always better off with a separate board. If it's just office work
    and you like TFT's, try finding a cheap Matrox G550 with DVI, about the
    best 2D quality out there.
    All the Shuttle's I've had or used have good onboard LAN, sound is a
    different beast. Both the SV24 and the SB75G2 have some noise when like a
    CD-ROM spins up. The SV24 was a lot worse though. Right now I'm happy with
    my SB75 onboard sound, but audiophiles would be better off with a separate
    Hmmm hard to say. SV24 was terrible in noise department out of the box. New
    SB75 is OK, although not as quiet as a wellbuilt desktop. Most likely due
    to the grating. However its not loud or nerve-wrecking, doesn't bother me
    the least.

    If you want an Intel CPU and a really cheap system, don't grab the SB75 but
    the 65 instead.... almost same, but with i865 instead of i875 chipset
    (won't make for more than a 2-3% performance impact) and the 65 has onboard
    video as well.
    JAB van Ree, Feb 5, 2004
  5. No problem here. I'm running a SB51G.
    I use a Gf4 4200, but I play games. The onboard graphics is
    perfectly adequate for 2D work. However, if you wish to play movies
    or whatever, then an add-in card may be a good idea.
    No problems here.
    Yes, the PSU is a bit noisy but you can get a quiet one. And
    Shuttle used to use Sunon fans which were NOT quiet. But you can
    easily replace them with Papst or whatever.
    Quentin Stephens, Feb 7, 2004
  6. Hi Greybeard,
    I just bought a shuttle SB75G2 and was really disappointed about the noise
    emission (the whistle sound). So I found your studies done so far (thanks a
    lot for the detailed report) and planning now to coat the coils on my board
    as well. Before I start I would like to check with you on:
    body all around? If you could provide some pictures that would be
    great!>anything else i need to keep in mind?
    Hope you find time to give me a short answer.
    Thanks a lot
    Andreas Schopper, Feb 10, 2004
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