Need Some Buying Advice for New Asus Motherboard

Discussion in 'Asus' started by kwthom, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. kwthom

    kwthom Guest

    Greets (...and Seasons Greetings!)

    My bro-in-law is quizzing me about building him a new game machine.

    I've told him how pleased I've been with my rock-steady P2B 800MHz box
    (with a Radeon 7000, and the other typical goodies...) that I've been
    throwing upgrade pieces at since I built this back in '98 or '99;
    damn, can't rememeber (but it is written on the inside of my case...)

    Hey, I started out with a 350Mhz chip in this thing; I've
    probably come fairly close to the purchase price of new on my box; but
    I digress.

    Anyway...since I've not been keeping totally up on how things are
    progressing in the Asus world, I wanted to give him some options for a
    system in much the same way I've been able to do. Build a decent box
    today, and have potential for upgrade ability.

    Intel or AMD? Geez...been an Intel guy forever; but I'd consider AMD
    as well. I'm kinda stuck on the 440BX chipset; what's the
    'replacement' on today's boards?

    Let me ask the ? another way...can a respectable bare-bones gaming
    system be built for, say $500? I'm partial to keeping things simple;
    so the on-board stuff can be dropped; unless it's got some respectable
    capabilities. Let's say the $500 is for a complete bare bones system;
    minus DVD-R (CD-RW only...).

    Reply to the group...if mailing a reply, replace munged with Y a h o

    kwthom, Dec 24, 2003
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  2. kwthom

    Tocapet Guest

    The 440BX has been left in the dust by the Nvidia chipset. You should sell
    your machine to bro-in-law and use the $$ to build yourself a new one.

    Tocapet, Dec 25, 2003
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  3. kwthom

    Pete Gray Guest

    I doubt you can build a bare bones gaming machine for $500. Heck, the
    top of the line NVIDIA or ATI cards are nearly $500. The P4C800-E
    Deluxe is THE board if you're going the Intel route.

    Pete Gray, Dec 25, 2003
  4. kwthom

    ajb Guest

    The venerable P2b was (and still is!) a great motherboard. It has been the
    one of the best Intel chipsets ever made as it is still very much
    operational. I too still have a P2B running at (o/c) over 1 ghz. This pales
    to my P4 3.2 ghz on a p4c800 dlx but be aware that I still can run all of
    the same games and important software on the P2B.( Halo, Call of Dutty, Ms
    Office, XP etc) I mean we're talking about a board designed for a P-II? Can
    you say longevity????Upgrading to a P4c800 dlx, 800 FSB, a decent Agp 8X,
    DDR Ram and S-ata drives will cost more than $500 for sure. But for the long
    term solution? Nothing will last as long as the trusty, speedy P2B.
    (version 1.2 with 1014 bios)
    ajb, Dec 25, 2003
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