Need suggestions. Best Board right now from Asus

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Newf !!!, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. Newf !!!

    Newf !!! Guest

    I'm a computer Tech. Built many machines over the last 20 years. But,
    the last 2 years I do mostly server work and networking.

    So, I'm out of touch with motherboards, chipsets, and such.

    I generally stick to Abit or ASus boards for my home machines.
    Machines will be used for a lot of things, but i build my machines as
    gaming machines in mind for speed.

    Looking for suggestion for the BEST Intel P4 board right now

    1.I do not want an Athlon, please do not say you know what...
    2. Don't care about Raid ( although I will probaby get it for future
    3. I have a lot of EIDE drives still, so EIDE with Serial ATA would be
    4. I want speed, and stability as well as ( most important ) future
    upgradeability. I want a board that is capable of taking a much
    faster chip then is out today.
    5. I don't overclock a lot, but I find that a good overclocking board
    is great for future upgrading. For example: If I can overclock a
    chip ( in theory) to 4 gig now, then once the 4 gigs are out I should
    be able to use them.

    6. do NOT care for onboard anything....aka video/sound. Except LAN
    which is just useful, but the rest I will be using my own cards

    7. Must take the fastest ram today
    8. ability to take more then 4 drives would be nice

    It's been a long time since I upgraded my personal machine. Lets put
    it this way. The last board I bought for myself was an Abit 440BX
    BE6-II. I love this board. LAsted forever, started with a Celeron 300
    oc'd. Then later stuck in a P3 1.0gig when they were cheap. 8 hard
    drives :) and stable as can be ( once you figure it out ) that's now
    my home server, and if I could find today's version of that board, I'd
    be so happy.
    Newf !!!, Oct 31, 2003
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  2. Newf !!!

    Gareth Jones Guest

    I'm confused.
    You say you don't care about RAID.... but you will probably get it
    later!?! So do you want it or not???

    And if you have a lot of EIDE drives ...... why would serial ATA be
    cool?? (Are you under the impression that you can daisychain these like
    a USB port or something???)

    <Gareth Jones> [email protected]

    "Reality sucks - go watch a Star Trek"

    To email, remove the '_ns_' from
    [email protected]
    Gareth Jones, Nov 1, 2003
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  3. Newf !!!

    Newf !!! Guest

    I'm not going out purposely trying to get a sata only board. But,
    there are many boards with both, and if I get it in one...great....if
    not....I don't care

    Samething for Raid. If I get it....fine, if not, I really don't care.
    It's not something pick my mobo's around.
    Newf !!!, Nov 2, 2003
  4. Newf !!!

    Gareth Jones Guest

    In that case.....
    There are a lot of good boards out there. In the last month I've built
    up two systems around the A7V600, Athlon XP2500 (Barton) and Some
    twinmos DDR400 RAM (the XP2500 only needs DDR333, but its almost the
    same price for the DDR400 and then you can clock the board at that speed
    (or more!) with no problems at all) with Maxtor ATA133 120GB drives.
    If you get the retail box CPU, you stand a very good chance of being
    able to run the chip from 1.8GHz to around 2.2GHz (Xp3200 or so) without
    any need to overvolt so reliability and heat aren't an issue.

    The above systems are verrry fast and verrry reasonable cost wise!

    The Mobo has a great spec in a very standard form (and no need for dual
    channel ram etc)
    Has 2 standard EIDE133 ports for 4 devices
    And two SATA RAID ports.
    USB2, gigabit lan, 5.1 sound etc etc

    Only thing really missing is onboard firewire - but as I had an Audigy
    card in - didn't really matter :)

    <Gareth Jones> [email protected]

    "Reality sucks - go watch a Star Trek"

    To email, remove the '_ns_' from
    [email protected]
    Gareth Jones, Nov 2, 2003
  5. Newf !!!

    Newf !!! Guest

    As I said before, I don't want an Athlon.

    Newf !!!, Nov 2, 2003
  6. Newf !!!

    Gareth Jones Guest

    Ah.... That's the danger of snipping posts I guess....

    Your choice of course. I can't help with an Asus P4 board as the only
    one I've built for a P4 has been Abit.

    I always used to be an Intel man myself in the past. Not at this moment
    in CPU history though I'm afraid......

    <Gareth Jones> [email protected]

    "Reality sucks - go watch a Star Trek"

    To email, remove the '_ns_' from
    [email protected]
    Gareth Jones, Nov 2, 2003
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