Need tech advice not really related to my Gateway...

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by chicagofan, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. chicagofan

    chicagofan Guest

    I know there used to be some smart people who lurked here to help folks
    like me, so I'm back. Are you there, Ben, anyone? ;)

    I have an old Activision game that they stopped updating with Win 98.
    Some people have been able to get Shanghai II to work with XP, although
    my laptop says XP in some places, it says NT... in more, which I don't
    understand, and it won't install normally. It says game not for NT.

    Anyway, I think the biggest problem is the graphics card I have, won't
    handle 256 color resolution. Is there *ANYTHING* I can do to get this
    old game to play on my laptop?

    Some people have partitioned their drive and formatted it in DOS to play
    their game, but I would still have the graphics problem, wouldn't I?
    Thanks for *any* and all suggestions... I really want this game back. :)


    [Gateway MX 6440/ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M series]
    chicagofan, Mar 20, 2011
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  2. chicagofan

    Ken Whiton Guest

    *-* On Sat, 19 Mar 2011, at 23:17:42 -0400,
    *-* In Article <im3rks$e9n$>,
    *-* chicagofan wrote
    *-* About Need tech advice not really related to my Gateway...
    That's normal. Windows XP identifies itself as "Windows NT 5.1".
    See your "User-Agent:" string, which I've quoted above. Similarly,
    Windows Vista identifies itself as "Windows NT 6.0" and Windows 7
    identifies itself as "Windows NT 6.1".
    At least four of the reviews on the right side of that page are
    from people who have gotten it to run under XP, and they go on to give
    instructions on how to do it. Click on the "Read more" link under any
    of those truncated right-side reviews to open a page where you can
    read the complete reviews and see the instructions. These four
    reviews all have instructions for installing it under XP:

    Published 23 months ago by little miss sure shot
    Published on November 10, 2008 by J. Snellman
    Published on August 9, 2008 by Kevin Murphy
    Published on April 13, 2006 by Clyde Gatton
    Ken Whiton
    Ken Whiton, Mar 20, 2011
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  3. chicagofan

    BillW50 Guest

    To add to Ken's reply. DOS usually doesn't use a video driver. So I
    don't think you would see a graphic problem under DOS.

    And while making a DOS partition on your system is a good way to do
    this, it isn't the only way. As you can run DOS from other devices too
    like CD, flash, external HD, etc. The only complicated part is making
    the device bootable. Which isn't really that hard. And the method is
    different depending on the type of device.

    If you want to try this game under DOS. The easiest way is probably from
    a Windows 9x install disc. Since it allows you to boot to DOS and to
    skip the install part.

    And since DOS may not see your hard drive because it may not be in FAT
    format or too large or something. But you could run the game on another
    CD disc instead if this is a problem.
    BillW50, Mar 20, 2011
  4. chicagofan

    chicagofan Guest

    I had already read and copied those solutions, to wait for answers from
    my gurus here, to see what *drawbacks* might come up, that could help me
    evaluate their remedies. :)

    Kevin Murphy's is the one I thought I would try first, now that I've
    found that my graphics card does have a hidden 256 color adapter.

    the install.

    *Instructions for XP SP3*:

    Step 1: Use "My Computer" to find the Shanghai CD in your CD drive.
    _*Open the SH2DE folder and look for an application called SETUP.EXE*_.
    You may not be set up to see the ".EXE" part of the name, so just look
    for the "application" called SETUP.

    Step 2: Now get your graphics card into 8-bit mode. Right click on empty
    desktop and choose Properties from the drop down). Choose the SETTINGS
    tab. If the Color Quality choices include 8-bit or "low" of "256",
    choose that. *Otherwise, click the button marked ADVANCED. Click the
    ADAPTER tab. Click the "LIST ALL MODES" button. Write down the current
    selection (you will come back here in step 4 and choose this). Scroll up
    until you see a similar resolution with 256 colors. Choose that. Hit
    "OK" until all the windows close. You will get an AWFUL color display.
    Accept it for the moment*.

    Step 3: _*Double click on the SETUP program from step 1. THis will
    install Shanghai*_.

    Step 4: _*Repeat Step 2, but choose your original resolution and color
    selection, and hit OK until it's done*._ Shanghai runs just fine with
    16-bit, 24-bit or 32-bit color. The stupid install program doesn't know
    that, but we're now past that, forever.

    I only have updated to WinXP-SP 2. What do you think? :) Thanks for
    your response, and letting me know the NT identity is normal.
    chicagofan, Mar 20, 2011
  5. chicagofan

    chicagofan Guest

    Thanks, Bill! Since I'm not very tech savvy, I think using DOS, will be
    my last ditch effort, because it requires so much. I am bound to mess
    something up. However, I do want this game on my laptop badly, so it
    may come to that. Thanks for the suggestions. :)
    chicagofan, Mar 20, 2011
  6. chicagofan

    BillW50 Guest

    You should have no problem. As getting SP2 into 8-bit graphic mode works
    exactly the same way.
    BillW50, Mar 20, 2011
  7. chicagofan

    chicagofan Guest

    My graphics card says 256 color, but not 8 bit... is that the same?
    chicagofan, Mar 20, 2011
  8. chicagofan

    BillW50 Guest

    BillW50, Mar 20, 2011
  9. chicagofan

    chicagofan Guest

    Thanks, Bill!!! I may not get to it today, but I'll be trying this very
    soon! :)

    This is a happy day. The Great Moments games challenge your memory
    about history, art, inventions, music, etc.. I really hate that
    Activision abandoned it. They could have updated the pictures/events to
    appeal to younger generations. <sigh>

    Thanks again!
    chicagofan, Mar 20, 2011
  10. chicagofan

    SC Tom Guest

    Have you tried running the game in compatibility mode? I have an old DOS
    poker game that I run on XP SP3 by that method. Right-click on your game
    shortcut and pick Properties. Click on the Compatibility tab and pick
    Windows 98 or Windows 95 and check the box next to Run in 256 colors. Click
    OK to save and exit.

    If it won't install, you can also try installing it in compatibility mode
    using the same method even if you're installing from CD. You might not want
    to check the 256 colors, but otherwise, it should install, then you can edit
    the shortcut properties.
    SC Tom, Mar 20, 2011
  11. chicagofan

    BillW50 Guest

    My understanding of this whole thing is that it runs just fine under XP
    (no compatibility mode needed). The only problem is that the game
    installer will fail unless you are running in 256 color mode (the only
    mode which the installer will run in). Once it is installed, you can run
    it in any graphic mode from there (well anything 8-bit or higher anyway).
    BillW50, Mar 20, 2011
  12. chicagofan

    chicagofan Guest

    Thanks, Bill... I couldn't have explained it half as concisely or
    intelligently. :) I don't get the compatibility option... simply a
    "fail" message. That is... until I try it again... Kevin Murphy's way! ;)
    chicagofan, Mar 20, 2011
  13. chicagofan

    SC Tom Guest

    Then it may be possible to install it in compatibility mode choosing Win9x
    as I mentioned in the second paragraph and choose 256 colors there, too.
    SC Tom, Mar 20, 2011
  14. chicagofan

    BillW50 Guest

    Yes that is absolutely true. Although just the installer itself and not
    the installed program. But either way (changing to 256 colors or use the
    compatibility mode) should work just fine. Since this is just needed
    once, it really doesn't matter much.
    BillW50, Mar 20, 2011
  15. chicagofan

    BillW50 Guest

    That compatibility mode comes up if you right click on the file (or a
    shortcut) you want to run (must be a program and not a document or
    something, in this case setup.exe). Then you get a menu. Select
    properties and one of the tabs is compatibility.

    But you don't have to do it this way if you don't want too. Windows just
    has to be in 256 color mode and the installer is happy.
    BillW50, Mar 20, 2011
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