needing a bios upgrade for an e4600 gateway

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by David Mason, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. David Mason

    David Mason Guest

    Hello, 4

    I am looking for a bios upgrade for a gateway e4600
    It is a pentium 4 socket 423 machine. I have tried the
    bios update from gateway, but it will not install. When
    I try to run it I get a could not open input file
    and start address of image is invalid.

    Any help would be appreicated.

    David Mason
    David Mason, Nov 25, 2007
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  2. David Mason

    Ben Myers Guest

    Is there something specific that you need for your system that makes you want to
    do a BIOS upgrade? A limitation to overcome, for example? ... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Nov 25, 2007
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  3. David Mason

    David Mason Guest

    Yes, The bios version that is on the machine right now
    will not support the 1.9 ande 2.0 ghz p4 processors.
    I need to update the bios so I can update the processor.
    David Mason, Nov 25, 2007
  4. David Mason

    Ben Myers Guest

    On Sun, 25 Nov 2007 08:32:43 -0600, "David Mason" <>
    That's a good reason for doing a BIOS update, but if your E4600 already has a
    CPU in the 1.6 to 1.8GHz range, the speed boost would be somewhat disappointing.
    I wish I know how to make the BIOS upgrade work for you.

    Even with the system using expensive RAMBUS memory, you might find that a memory
    upgrade would give you more bang for the buck and enable you to coax some
    additional life out of the system. Windows XP (and 2000 to a lesser extent)
    absolutely devours the memory available to it. Not sure how much memory your
    system has, but it you are running XP with less than 512MB, a memory upgrade
    might be money well spent. Depending on price of RAMBUS, of course.

    I am going to put a matched set of 256MB RAMBUS up for sale on eBay today. I
    don't get much call for it from customers around here... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Nov 25, 2007
  5. David Mason

    David Mason Guest


    I have 1gig of memory in the machine already. The processor is a 1.4 gig
    and I have a 2.0gig from another
    machine that was being scrapped out. Now I just need
    to find a good copy of the bios..
    David Mason, Nov 25, 2007
  6. David Mason

    Ben Myers Guest

    Not sure why the Gateway-branded BIOS does not work, and I would be reluctant to
    flash the motherboard with the generic Intel BIOS. I've flashed Gateway boards
    with the Intel BIOS and vice versa in the past, and it is a real pain in the
    backside. And of course, if the flash procedure fails, you end up with an
    inert system.

    1.4GHz to 2GHz is something that would make a difference. With 1GB of memory
    already, you do not need more.

    Have you considered swapping out the board for a newer Gateway-branded
    motherboard (to mae sure that the Microsoft license cops don't go nuts)? Only
    problem with that is you would likely have to reload Windows from scratch due to
    a change in chipsets between motherboards. There are workarounds for this,
    too, but they are painful... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Nov 25, 2007
  7. David Mason

    David Mason Guest

    I tried the intel motherboard bios and it will not flash either. It errors
    out with a headder not matching error..

    as to replacing the motherboard I would also have to
    replace the ram and cpu also and I am trying watch how
    much I spend on the machine and just use what i have
    in my parts bin.
    David Mason, Nov 25, 2007
  8. David Mason

    Ben Myers Guest

    Right. The generic Intel flash for this board will not work because the BIOS ID
    strings do not match between the Gateway BIOS on the board and the Intel BIOS on
    the boot media. There are workarounds for this, but I'd have to try it myself
    with a comparable board and document carefully the steps taken. There is a BIOS
    ID checking component in the Intel flash update software. Either you bypass
    it, or edit the flash BIOS images to have a BIOS ID string that matches (except
    for revision number) the Gateway BIOS.

    A Socket 478 Gateway D850 board that takes RAMBUS would do the trick. Of
    course, you'd need a Socket 478 CPU and cooling fan, too... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Nov 25, 2007
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