Neo2 Platinum: Audigy not detected when wireless card is used

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Jack D, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. Jack D

    Jack D Guest


    I googled for ages now and nowhere found the problem I am facing. I
    recently bought a new kit, running on an MSI nForce3 Neo2 Platinum
    mobo. Everything went fine until I wanted to get rid of the UTP running
    through my living room and installed the WiFi PCI card that came with
    the Neo2 in the reserved orange PCI slot.

    Since I installed it, the system would no longer detect my Audigy2. I
    tried switching it to another PCI slot, as I thought the orange one
    might be shared with the one next to it, but to no avail. In the BIOS
    settings I didn't notice anything that could help me. If I remove the
    WiFi card the Audigy gets detected fine. Does anyone recognize this
    problem or have a hint as to what I could try to get them both to work?

    Any help appreciated!
    Jack D, Feb 23, 2005
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