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NetVista 6269 BIOS update frustration

Discussion in 'Intel' started by vidal, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. vidal

    vidal Guest

    I'm sitting here trying to upgrade or update an older
    NetVista BIOS (motherboard GA-6WMMC7).

    My problem is, when I use the floppy upgrade from IBMs
    site I get the error:
    0 is an invalid or unsupported Flash ID

    An error occured while trying to determine the type of

    I wonder if it's because the BIOS is protected in some way
    and if it is, how I can get past it.

    Actually it demanded a password, so I took out the battery,
    and put it in again which removed the password protection.

    Does anyone know or have any creative ideas of what to do?

    I have updated another NetVista with the same update, so I'm
    pretty much lost here. I don't have the greates knowledge in
    these matters so any help would be appreciated
    vidal, Nov 12, 2004
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