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Discussion in 'Abit' started by Jim Lennie, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. Jim Lennie

    Jim Lennie Guest

    I'm about to build a pc with the following configuration :---
    AMD 2800+ Barton Processor
    2 x 256 DDR333 Crucial memory sticks
    160gb Maxtor Serial ATA Hard disk

    My question concerns setting up the hard disk as previously I have used
    fdisk to set up partitions etc on normal ide drives. Will I be able to
    access the hard disk when connected to the sata port on the NF7S Motherboard
    using a bootable floppy disk ?, also I will not be using the raid function
    so how do I properly set up the bios to achieve a bootable hard disk as the
    manual is a bit unclear to me on this one.

    I plan to install Win98SE on 'C' partition and Windows XP Pro on 'D'
    partition in a dual-boot configuration. I see that Abit have provided a
    floppy with the drivers on it but with Win98 you install them after the OS
    install so I'm assuming that the install will see the sata drive ok
    providing the bios is set properly. Assuming all goes well with the above I
    will then install 2 ide drives on the ide primary and secondary controllers
    along with a DVDRW and a DVD drive.

    I would appreciate any advice offered.

    Jim Lennie, Feb 22, 2004
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  2. "Jim Lennie" wrote
    firstly why on earth are you installing Windows98, it's now 2004 so that
    makes Win9x um 6 years old. Is this the first time you have installed
    Windows XP? It's a really great O/S and yes I used Windows98 for years!.
    If you install Windows XP the whole process is allot simpler than getting a
    98 install running with all this modern hardware. Anyway regarding the
    single SATA drive, there is nothing you have to do in hardware, apart from
    making sure SATA is enabled in BIOS (should be by default). WindowsXP can
    partition and format your disk for you (FDISK is sooo dead), and you will
    have a nice shiny NTFS hard disk.

    I think the process to select the SATA driver is the same for Win98, that is
    hitting F6 during the first few moments of installation. Your spec looks
    good, but some PC3200 would help you get better performance from that

    Hope this helps. I'm looking forward to hearing your reasons for using
    Windows98 :p
    Wayne ][
    <Concepts, Theory, Learning Curves, and woman with big bOObs!>

    P.S: If I didn't say it already, WindowsXP Pro is the sh*t (patched up of
    course :p)
    Wayne Youngman, Feb 22, 2004
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  3. Jim Lennie

    DaveL Guest

    Ditto to what Wayne said. Plus, the Nforce chipset was designed for WinXP.
    Win98 runs like crap on an Nforce chipset.


    DaveL, Feb 23, 2004
  4. I don't know Jim's reason for installing Win98se, but mine is that the xp
    drivers are non-existent or very crappy for a lot of my hardware, such as my
    scanner, laser printer, and inkjet printer, and digital camera.

    I have no urge to install WinXP and have to buy so much new hardware. 98se
    does just fine.

    Fred Scharmann, Feb 23, 2004
  5. Jim Lennie

    Jim Lennie Guest

    Thanks for the advice concerning installing with XP, but I have no issues
    with that other than the 137gb limit when setting up a new disk on a sata
    controller. I need win98 to run software that XP does not do very well. I
    have installed XP on at least 150 machines with no problems but needed
    advice on what to prepare for when installing win98 for the first time on a
    new 160gb hard disk on a new for me sata equipped motherboard.... forewarned
    is forearmed !! I thought it was clear that I wish to have a dual boot
    system which is very easy to do with conventional ide equipped motherboards.
    Jim Lennie, Feb 23, 2004

  6. Hi,
    I didn't ever need a driver for any digital camera that I plugged in (USB)
    to my WinXP system, It autoplays a little camera wizard and the whole
    process is quick and easy. I guess you tried to install WinXP and had
    troubles right? or did you look-up your hardware on the WinXP Hardware
    compatibility pages and found no match?.

    Anyway I too held off using WinXP for the first year it was out. I liked
    Windows2000 Pro allot at that time. Then I found myself with a bit of spare
    time and did a dual-boot install of an *evaluation* copy of WinXP Pro. From
    that time I saw less and less reason to *cling* to the older O/S. The
    clincher for me is the way XP deals with all my media files (pictures, mpgs
    etc). So much better in this respect to anything I seen before, not to
    mention the ease of install and driver set-up.

    Anyway I'm off-topic a bit here :p and I respect your reasons to use
    whatever O/S that takes your fancy.

    Resistance is FUTILE! WinXP will *assimilate* you!
    Wayne Youngman, Feb 24, 2004
  7. Yep, it will get me sooner or later!

    Fred Scharmann, Feb 24, 2004
  8. Jim Lennie

    Jim Lennie Guest

    Thanks for the help offered but I installed the NF7-S today with 2 serial
    ata drives, 1 ide hard drives, and 3 optical drives and got it all
    dual-booting with Win98 or WinXP without a hitch.


    Jim Lennie, Feb 26, 2004
  9. Jim Lennie

    Wblane Guest

    Is that an opinion or fact?

    -Bill (remove "botizer" to reply via email)
    Wblane, Feb 27, 2004
  10. Jim Lennie

    ICee Guest

    Really? Win98SE ran (runs) fine on my NF7-S system. I run XP most of
    the time, but 98SE is actually faster than XP on this system. Sounds
    like you have a problem that is something other than Windows 98.
    ICee, Feb 27, 2004
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