New build A7V8X CPU / ram speed issues 2.8Mhz / 333Mhz Athlon

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Zardoz, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. Zardoz

    Zardoz Guest

    Just built a new system. Can't get it to boot at the correct speed.
    Should be 2500Mhz core speed / 400Mhz RAM but I've realised that the
    CPU has a 333Mhz FSB. The only combo available in my BIOS is 2053Mhz /

    Stuff I ordered to start with

    AMD Athlon XP2800 333FSB 512kb L2 Cache Barton
    Twinmos M-tec 512mb Ddr333 Pc2700 Cl2.5 Memory Module

    First the RAM only showed up as 256Mb (so I stuck it in my old PCChips
    board and it registered as 512). I've sent it back and got DDR400 by
    return .. but of course the CPU has only got 333Mhz FSB.

    So, how do I run a 2500Mhz 333Mhz combo? I've got the 1006 version
    BIOS which I could do with updating but I havn't got a FDD (one of the
    reasons I bought the board was that I saw you could update the BIOS
    from Windows - hah!)

    Zardoz, Jan 15, 2004
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  2. Zardoz

    RonK Guest

    2800+ runs at 2.25GHz, using a 166MHz DDR FSB (effectively 333MHz).
    RonK, Jan 15, 2004
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  3. Zardoz

    Zardoz Guest

    Right - I made an assumption based on the available core speeds:


    No 2.25Mhz available??
    Zardoz, Jan 15, 2004
  4. Zardoz

    Robert Gault Guest

    I've the same board, XP2500+, and 256MB DDR400 RAM. BIOS A7V8xx07.awd
    displays a 2.2GHz entry with 200/400 memory. This is a list with Auto
    settings for the CPU. Since my XP2500+ is locked, all I can do is change
    the FSB (which is what selections from the Auto list do.)

    You should be able to run faster with an XP2800+. Keep in mind that the
    true clock rate for these locked CPU's = multiplier x FSB. The XP2500+
    is locked at 11 which gives 11x100=1.1G 11x133=1.5G 11x166=1.8G and

    I'd say your RAM is the limiting factor not your CPU, but you could try
    changing your BIOS version.
    Robert Gault, Jan 15, 2004
  5. Zardoz

    RonK Guest

    RonK, Jan 15, 2004
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