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New build, finally! E4300/Gigabyte 965P-DS3 @ 3.0GHz

Discussion in 'Overclocking' started by Phil, Non-Squid, May 6, 2007.

  1. So my week 44 cheapie processor finally came in and I was able to just start
    messing around with it today. I used Easytune to ramp up the FSB to get an
    idea of where my proc was at. I started off at 200 and got up to only 9x283
    (2550MHz) before Orthos started immediately erroring. Hmm... disappointing.

    So I thought about all those posts I saw about FSB walling and decided to
    drop the multi to 8 and up the FSB. I must have ended up in a higher strap
    because the FSB kept going up and up until XP BSOD'ed. It crashed at 8x386
    (3088MHz )and I flipped over the multi back to 9. Crashed again at 3070MHz.
    Looking good... it seems I've found my proc's limit. 3G's was my target and
    it's nice to have found it so quickly. I notice too that the power
    consumption at the wall is quite relatively low compared to the old AthXP
    150W load.

    Currently I'm pushing the PC6400 memory (Corsair XMS2 5-5-5-12 1GBx2) to see
    if it can handle a 12% OC @ 900MHz while the CPU is hovering at 1350MHz.
    Seems to be doing okay at this point. Will report results soon. Afterwards
    I'm going to be cutting down power to see what kind of power consumption
    advantages I can get.

    Have any of you used an E4300 with a pinmod to get the higher strap? Any
    positive results?

    Phil, Non-Squid, May 6, 2007
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  2. So bumping up voltage 7% to 1.45V gives a 7% increase to 3.174GHz. Not
    worth it. Gonna clock it back down to ~3G.

    Phil, Non-Squid, May 6, 2007
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  3. Stable and oh-so-silent at 2.9GHz... Able to play multiple HDTV 1080p
    streams at once where before I was unable to play one 720p stream. Probably
    quicktime's intel-optimized algorithms...

    Phil, Non-Squid, May 6, 2007
  4. Phil, Non-Squid

    Thomas Guest

    Phil, what FSB settings are you using? Still using 8x multiplier? I cannot
    seem to get my E4300 to work below 1333 :-( At 1333, it needs too much
    voltage (1.47) to be stable in an Orthos stress test (BSOD).
    Thomas, May 6, 2007
  5. I bumped everything down to optimize the heat/noise and went with the 9x
    multi because it let me OC my memory by ~8%. I figured the NB was hot
    enough and higher FSBs might begin melting it down ;).


    324x2.66=862MHz (OCed from 800)
    5-5-5-12 default timings (might tune this later)

    Default CPU (1.325V)
    Default Memory (1.9V)
    Default NB
    Default PCIE

    So you're saying that you need a higher voltage with a higher FSB? I never
    knew how that related really. I did read that the PCIE bus being OCed a
    little bit helps somewhat.

    The highest I got on 1.45V was ~3.2G but the voltage increase was beginning
    to have diminishing returns (1% increase in Vcore yielded less than 1% of an

    I feel like I'm done... anyone have other suggestions? I'm moving out of my
    apartment today so I will tweak my timings later.

    Phil, Non-Squid, May 6, 2007
  6. Phil, Non-Squid

    Thomas Guest

    Hmmmm maybe I'll try that then. Well, to get higher FSB doesnt need extra
    voltage, but to let my CPU run 66% over spec DOES need some extra juice :)

    It sounds like you're indeed done, and I'm still searching for answers with
    thuis build. For now, it's only rock steady at 1066 MHz FSB (for 2.4 GHz

    Good luck on the moving. We just moved ourselves, can be a real pain.
    Thomas, May 6, 2007
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