New build with new B85-G41, Is this a cheap board?

Discussion in 'MSI' started by Rivrbyte, Mar 14, 2014.

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    Mar 14, 2014
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    For an upgrade after seven years, I bought a MSI B85-G41, and the i7 4770, because I do not game or overclock. Just Photoshop CS5, and Studio 15, for video editing.

    Silly me, I have never tested Mobos out of the case, before loading up the rest, so I ran into a non responsive Mobo, after the fan spun a half a second, then nothing.

    After repeatedly testing ONLY these installed components,
    (JFP1 pinheads, 24 ATX 24 power, 4+4 CPU power, and one stick of ram) by jumping the two top right pins for the POWER SWITCH, neg / pos, No power!

    Then I removed the Mobo from the case, and tried the same thing OUTSIDE the case, on a non-conductive surface, and again...NADA.

    So I'm getting this board RMA'D from Newegg.

    This could be a coinkydink, or maybe the reason the Mobo stopped working all together, but like I said previously in one of my posts, when the CPU fan spun then abruptly stopped, this time I then unplugged the 3.0 plug that goes into the 3.0. Header just below the ATX header, (for my 3rd party multi- port 3.0/2.0 Bay slot, since this old case doesn't have 3.0 in the front.
    *Once removed, the fans fired right up and stayed on until I shut it off.

    I turned it on again, but no power at all, and that's when I started jumping pins in and out of the case. Could something like that short anything?
    Anyway, when I get the new board, this time I'm going to add piece then check, until hopefully, it will all work together.
    The standoffs did not come with my board, I used my other MSI P-35's standoff, so I'm guessing they are all universal in size to be flush with the I/O shield.

    Rivrbyte, Mar 14, 2014
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