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New CAN and LIN hardware and Software

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Chris Stephens, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. Announcing the availability some new products available from Computer

    PCAN Explorer

    The big brother of our PCANview package, which is included with every PCAN
    interface, the PCAN-Explorer program provides a really powerful Windows
    program for investigating what is happening on the CAN bus and also for
    controlling and interacting with CAN systems. It can log data to disk for
    later review, display and decode messages and their data fields using easily
    understood English and fixed or floating numbers (rather than HEX). Up to 4
    messages can be logged on a strip chart type display to show visually how
    they change with time . There is support for a large number of transmit
    messages, an extensive macro language and VB scripts are also included. A
    visual panel option includes meters, strip charts, sliders and buttons all
    of which can be linked to CAN messages or macros to provide a powerful user


    CAN open Magic

    For those using CANopen ( a protocol based on CAN that allows units from
    different manufacturers to easily interoperate ) we have the PCAN open Magic
    package which provides similar facilities to the PCAN-Explorer but using
    standard CANopen terminology. Also the built in CANopen Network Controls
    provide CANopen specific commands such as identifying all the nodes on the


    LIN to CAN Gateway and interface

    This module links LIN to CAN or LIN to Serial allowing a PC with a CAN
    interface to control a LIN network.
    With the low cost of PC-CAN units and the powerful CAN analysis software
    available ( PCAN-Explorer) it makes a reasonable priced PC-LIN interface.


    Linux and LabView Drivers - are now available for the whole PEAK range of

    PC (aka PCMCIA) interfaces

    Coming soon: One and Two channel CAN to PC (PCMCIA) interfaces for your
    Laptop with optional isolation - these units are very well priced and come
    with our free software PCANlite C,VB drivers and PCANview.


    All of these items are available from our Web shop

    For more details reply to or Visit our web
    site http://www.computer-solutions.co.uk/gendev/peak.htm

    Visit our web site http://www.computer-solutions.co.uk - keep it book marked
    as in the "Information Zone" we have published a number of free services for
    Embedded Engineers -

    1) Micro-Search - our searchable database of 650 + chip specs
    from 30 different 8051 manufacturers

    2) Support Tools Directory - shows the development tools
    available for over 100 microprocessor families

    3) The Embedded Web - 330 + links to useful sites from Chip
    Manufacturers to software algorithms

    Most of our products are now available for next day delivery from our web
    shop www.computer-solutions.co.uk.


    Chris Stephens E-mail:
    Computer Solutions Ltd. Phone: +44 (0)1 932 829 460
    1a New Haw Road, Fax: +44 (0)1 932 840 603
    Addlestone, Surrey,
    KT15 2BZ England http://www.computer-solutions.co.uk

    For the largest range of embedded microprocessor development tools
    now available for next day delivery - from our web shop
    Chris Stephens, Jun 2, 2005
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