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Discussion in 'Dell' started by Jim Higgins, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Jim Higgins

    Jim Higgins Guest

    I haven't paid any real attention to advances in computing since I
    bought my last computer - a Dell Optiplex 330 Minitower with WinXP
    Home - in Nov 2007. Spent over an hour on Dell's web site a few days
    ago and was overwhelmed. Way too many offerings that look way too
    similar... at least to me. Site seems much less informative than my
    last visit years ago... or perhaps old age is catching up with me.

    I bought the Optiplex 330 in 2007 because it's quiet both audibly and
    RF-wise. Both are very high priorities.

    The 330 has a Core 2 Duo E-4500/2GHz CPU w/ 2M cache. 800MHz
    front-side buss. Bought with 1GB RAM, expanded before first boot to
    4GB using memory from Crucial. (I like that approach to RAM for much
    lower cost vs Dell RAM at the time.) Radeon HD 2400 Pro graphics - I
    prefer a graphics card with its own memory, but I don't need
    gamer-type performance. Wouldn't mind dual monitor capability, but
    currently have only one. Would like to keep my current Dell
    Ultrasharp 1908FP 19" running in 1280x1024 mode for a while. Graphics
    card can have more resolution capability as long as it handles that

    Looking for advice on a new system to replace this... or (equally
    acceptable) advice on how well this system might run Win7 Pro 32-bit
    and how easily it might be loaded with it - driver concerns. I'd be
    willing to replace the graphics and/or Ethernet cards if that's needed
    to make a load of Win7 to a clean new hard drive in the old system a
    reasonable thing to do.

    Would be open to arguments pushing me toward Win7 Pro 64-bit, but
    still in process of verifying my email program (Eudora) will run on
    Win7 64-bit. Forget Win8. Maybe Win9 (eventually) if it turns out
    that Win9 is to Win8 as Win7 was to Vista. (One can dream.)

    Need a box capable of holding 2 hard drives of at least 250GB each,
    CD/DVD R/W combo, 3.5" floppy drive, oodles of USB ports with several
    of them on the front of the box. Ethernet card will be hard wired to
    router so no Wi-Fi in the box. Internet is broadband cable.

    I like to keep my computers for at least 5 years, preferably longer.

    In short, need advice on what box and what graphics card, and as much
    why to go with it as you're willing to offer.

    Thanks in advance.
    Jim Higgins, Apr 4, 2014
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  2. Jim Higgins

    Bob_Villa Guest

    Since you have a dual should be able to run W7 64-bit. I can tell you I have a 10+yr old Dim8400 (3Ghz,3GbDDR2,SATA) that runs W7 32-bit very well! This PC was given to me by an IT friend. 8^)
    Bob_Villa, Apr 4, 2014
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  3. Jim Higgins

    Pen Guest

    This is what you say you want.
    Fast CPU with 4GB of ram, DVD and AMD video card in a mini
    tower case.
    It's an Optiplex so it's quiet and easy to open and close.
    Has Win7 Pro installed and a license and disk for Win8
    should you ever want that.
    Pen, Apr 4, 2014
  4. Jim Higgins

    Ben Myers Guest

    A dual core Optiplex 330 with 4GB of memory can run Windows 7 pretty well. The other things you need to consider have to do with your data and your programs. If you don't care about either, wipe the hard drive and install Windows 7. If you do care, best to add a second hard drive, make the XP thesecond drive, install Windows 7 and copy your data, reinstalling any programs.

    What these dunderheads at Microsoft do not understand is the dollar cost and the labor it takes to go to Windows 7. It sometimes requires a lot of new expensive software to replace what ran in the XP world. Not everyone is a Koch Bro, Geo Soros, Mark Cuban or Sheldon Adelson with billions to spend. So Microsoft continues its scare tactics and we all move away from XP.... Ben
    Ben Myers, Apr 5, 2014
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