New fan for mobo - advice please

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Shawk, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. Shawk

    Shawk Guest


    I have a case with 4 fans in it. I then have the CPU fan, 9800Pro stock fan
    and two PSU fans. The loudest damn fan is the sodding small one on the
    NF7-S(2) mobo!

    Now I 'could' put up with that but the thing is definitely starting to make
    the kind of noise that leads me to believe it isn't long for this PC. Can
    anyone advise what I can replace it with and also (blushes) what it's
    called? (I've put lots of PC's together without yet having the need to
    learn all the components).

    Many thanks, Shaun
    Shawk, Aug 2, 2004
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  2. Shawk

    patrickp Guest

    It's a Northbridge fan, Shaun. First, you could try cleaning it -
    it's possible it's getting clogged up with dust. You could also try
    peeling back the label, putting a drop of light oil in the bearing and
    carefully sticking the label back - if you get any oil outside the
    bearing well, obviously the label's not going to stick any more.

    If those options don't work then, yes, your fan is not long for your
    PC. First option is contact ABIT support - they may want to RMA the
    board (would depend if that's worth it for you; replacement fans don't
    cost much) but may decide just to send you a replacement fan.

    If that doesn't work out, then you need to think about replacing it
    yourself. If you go to you'll find they
    do replacement fan/heatsinks for your mobo; only thing is that for
    sending to the UK, you'll need to have a verified Paypal account, and
    the freight will probably cost.

    Other options are shopping around for replacement 40mm fans, which you
    can get to the equivalent of the ABIT fan for only a few quid. My
    favourites, though, are the Sunon VAPO bearing fans, which are
    absolutely quiet, vibration-free and last forever - obviously not so
    cheap, though. I usually get them from - their stock
    no. 380-6340, about £11 + VAT I think; you might be able to get them
    cheaper if you shop around, but RS are convenient. They're deeper
    than the ABIT fans, so you need to use a longer screw, but I've never
    had clearance problems with them.

    Or, since Northbridges don't usually get very hot, you can go with
    passive cooling - a heatsink like the Zalman ones - as long as they're
    ventilated you should be Ok. are doing
    them for £6 + VAT.


    - take five to email me
    patrickp, Aug 3, 2004
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