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new GeForce 7 ~ GeForce 7800 Gtx info

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Guest, May 26, 2005.

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    The information on the nVidia GeForce 7800 Gtx videocard, earlier leaked
    out, seems to be valid. Tweakers.net have got hold of the G70-core official
    specifications and these appear to be the same as the specs in the rumor:
    0,11µ-core with a core speed of 430MHz, 24 pixel pipelines and 8 vertex
    shaders. Nvidia renewed the shaderarchitecture in the G70-core, bringing
    CineFX to version 4.0.

    The performance in games which use Shader model 3.0 will are considerably
    improved, says Nvidia. They claim that - with the use of certain shaders -
    the performance increase could be as high as 2 times, when compared to the
    NV45, particularly thanks to a new design of the texture Units. More
    specifically HDR-effects (high dynamic range) with 64-bits floating point
    It is said that Unreal Engine 3.0 will use a lot of these effects to render
    lights more realistically. According to our information the card will be
    approximately 50% faster than the GeForce 6800 ultra, and score between
    18,000 and the 20,000 points in 3DMark03.

    Beside better performance, the GeForce 7-series will also deliver better
    image quality than the current generation. With what Nvidia calls
    Intellisample 4.0; a number of relatively small improvements have been
    introduced in the field of anti-aliasing (AA) and anisotropic filtering
    (AF). Also the video decoder is tweaked for better performances and quality.
    Furthermore Nvidia claims that the new architecture is compatible with
    Most likely Nvidia is talking about "Windows Graphics foundation (version
    1.0)", which means - among other things - that the chip can do

    The card - which the slogan gets "Full Throttle Graphics" - will be shown at
    Computex (31 May up to 4 June) by Asus and MSI, but it is unclear if nVidia
    will announce the new chip there too. Earlier rumors about Nvidia's official
    accouchement spoke of 22 June.

    Finally we can present a photograph of the new card. Note the compact
    cooler, which seems to take up only 1 slot. Although the information on the
    requirement for a 400 watt PSU seems correct, however, the warmth
    development possibly turns out better than expected.

    picture of the new GeForce 7800 Gtx card:
    Guest, May 26, 2005
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