New graphics card for SN41G2 (v2)?

Discussion in 'Shuttle' started by PurplePenny, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. PurplePenny

    PurplePenny Guest

    I assembled an SN41G2(v2)for my husband (mainly for gaming) in January
    2004 intending to add a graphics card at some time. Unfortunately
    several years of regular hefty vet bills stopped that happening so I'm
    only just in a position to do it.
    My problem now is knowing which card to buy of the remaining AGP cards
    out there. I've looked at Shuttle's compatibility list but they are all
    old cards and only a few are still available! I'm also worried about
    the issue of some cards not fitting into the case.

    What is the most recent/fastest card that anyone has used in an SN41G2(v2)?

    PurplePenny, Aug 20, 2006
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  2. The problem with these boxes (and I have one) is that the AGP slot is
    right next to the side of the case. So a good gaming card, which needs
    decent cooling, is squeezed up against the casing. That makes any fan on
    the card work much harder and make more noise unless you cut a hole in
    the case (which I haven't... yet!)

    I have an old 9800SE in mine, and even though it's not a fast card it
    still puts out a lot of heat, which had me worried in the recent hot
    spell in the UK. I've been looking at alternatives (
    still has quite a few AGP cards to choose from) but finding something
    faster which runs cooler isn't easy!

    Andrew McP
    Andrew MacPherson, Aug 21, 2006
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  3. PurplePenny

    PurplePenny Guest

    Thanks for the reply Andrew. Ages ago when I was first putting the
    machine together a gamer told me that he mods all his Shuttles by
    cutting a hole in the case. Now I know why: he obviously wanted to run
    the fasted card possible for gaming.
    I've had problems with overheating of my ancient tower PC in the past
    and I had to add a few extra fans; but of course that isn't an option
    with the Shuttle: during that hot spell we had a huge floor fan blowing
    on the machines the whole time that we were using them.
    Please let me know if you find a suitable card. Do you think that
    adding a cluster of small holes in the right place would be effective
    for cooling or does it need to be one big hole?
    Do you know which cards are not suitable because of their size: I
    assume that they must have a higher/fatter profile so they stop the case
    from closing.

    PurplePenny, Aug 21, 2006
  4. Do you think that adding a cluster of small holes in the
    I think the "sucking air through a straw" principle applies... one big
    hole will always be better for airflow than lots of little ones.

    As for types of card.... the ideal solution in a small case would be a
    2-slot card with a cooler which vents hot air directly out of the back
    of the case. But there's only got room for a single slot solution, so it
    basically means no fancy cooling whatsoever. Just a basic, single slot

    I have to remind myself sometimes that I bought the Shuttle purely for
    basic desktop & work needs, not gaming. However the temptation's always
    there to squeeze more performance into the box.

    Andrew McP
    Andrew MacPherson, Aug 22, 2006
  5. PS

    That forum is much more active than this group, and searching there
    reveals similar problems but no definite solutions.

    An Nvidia 6600GT would fit in there (good, solid middle ground
    performance these days), but like the older ATI 9800Pro I may buy cheap
    off ebay, it's not a cool solution, and some kind of case modification
    is bound to be necessary. There are also power supply constraints to
    consider. Shuttle PSUs are usually very good, but the power demands of a
    decent vid card adds more than just heat stress to the box.

    Shuttles are nice little machines, but they're not without their problems!

    Andrew McP
    Andrew MacPherson, Aug 22, 2006
  6. PurplePenny

    PurplePenny Guest

    I assembled Kev's Shuttle for him to take to friends' LAN parties: even
    bought a keyboard/mouse combo that came in a nice case for carrying.
    But then he discovered that the only games they play at these parties
    are ones Kev isn't interested in :)

    PurplePenny, Aug 22, 2006
  7. PurplePenny

    PurplePenny Guest

    Thanks, I go take a look.

    I've noticed that Radeon 9550s and 9600s are still available from places
    like Novatech, Overclockers and Ebuyer but none of them have 9800 cards.

    it's not a cool solution, and some kind of case modification

    I think that Kev is now resigned to having a hole cut in his Shuttle!

    Thanks again for all the help,
    PurplePenny, Aug 22, 2006
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