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New Hard Drive for Dell Latitude D600

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Richard Barg, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Richard Barg

    Richard Barg Guest

    I just went to work for a company and they provided me w/a Dell
    Latitude D600. The problem is the PC is in a virtual time warp
    straightjacket. Specifically the notebook runs Windows 2000
    Professional and Office 2000. I have been using Win XP OS and and
    Office 2003. It is next to impossible to install any new apps.

    I would like to use my own formatted plain vanilla hard drive w/this
    system. Buy a 5400 rpm notebook drive w/same form factor (does anyone
    know the spec) and then install XP and Office 2003 on it.

    Is there any reason I cannot do this? For example there is a hidden
    diagnostics partition on the notebook. Can the notebook work w/out it.
    I don't care about the diagnostics and can always swap the original
    hard drive w/it. I have done this w/a Compaq notebook w/no problem.
    Can the bios of the Dell D600 be accessed independently w/out the
    invisible partition? Is there anything in the bios that will permit my
    company to lock me out of putting another drive in there. I have no
    intention of connecting the notebook to our network unless I use the
    original drive.

    Finally, can you buy the drawer, clip and drive assembly that houses
    the drive in the Dell notebook as an off the shelf item? Are they
    bundled w/drive. I want this so I can swap the drives w/out changing
    the clip. Or do I have to buy a whole new second drive from Dell,
    which might be costly.

    Richard Barg, Jun 2, 2004
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  2. Richard Barg

    CZ Guest

    CZ, Jun 2, 2004
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