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new Hp a530n nvidia nforce 3 150 chipset

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Dr. Richard Cranium, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. whoa. I've installed an ATI 9800pro on top of the nforce 3 150 agp - how cool is that !

    I have two 512 PC-3200's cas 2 coming from Mike at pretested cpu's so that should let move up from one 512 pc-3200 400 ddr cas 2.5 to two sticks ddr cas 2 running at 400mhz ddr. Funny memory buss with the amd 64 3200 - if you stick in two PC-3200's ddr 400 at cas 2.5 the memory bus goes to 166mhz (333 ddr). So anyway I am going to cas 2 to get that memory buss to switch to 400mhz (200mhz). the amd 64 is a lot different than working with the P4. With the 64 you are really talking about the fsb as the HTT which has nothing to do with the memory buss on the 64.

    So how does the ATI 9800 pro run on the nvidia nforce 3 150 chipset in the agp slot ? you ask ? just fine at 8x fast writes on !! I can pull just as many frames as with my hp 873n P4 running at 3.06 ghz 533mhz fsb and ATI 9800pro !

    the remaining question - still is unanswered - why would anyone do this ?

    heh - because it was there !

    i hated to see a good amd 64 go to waste with that nvidia 5200 and 5900xt installed. drat !

    Tomb Raider: Shotgun City
    Dr. Richard Cranium, Jul 23, 2004
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