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new infrared control product press release

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Gary Peek, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. Gary Peek

    Gary Peek Guest


    Industrologic, Inc., announces the release of their RC51-IRPKG
    8 Relay Infrared Control Package.

    The Industrologic RC51-IRPKG infrared control package is a group
    of Industrologic products that work together to provide a complete
    system that allows the remote control of 8 high current relays.
    This package includes:

    * An RC51 programmable relay controller containing Tiny Machine
    Basic with SIRCS support
    * An IRS40 infrared sensor module for 40KHZ modulated infrared
    * A URC handheld universal remote control unit
    * An RC51 wallblock power supply
    * A serial port cable for connection to a PC compatible computer
    if modifying the program
    * A pre-loaded Tiny Machine Basic infrared control program with
    multiple functions and modes
    * Jumper wires to select program options
    * RC51 addendum/package reference manual

    The RC51-IRPKG can be used with the pre-loaded Tiny Machine Basic
    infrared control program or the user can modify the program and
    write other Tiny Machine Basic programs to control the relays.
    Tiny Machine Basic with SIRCS support has the same commands as
    Tiny Machine Basic for the RC51, plus commands that allow an
    infrared sensor to interpret Sony SIRCS infrared transmissions.

    The RC51 included in the package includes all RC51 standard features:

    * Atmel AT89C4051 microcontroller chip
    * On-board EEPROM for program storage and configuration information
    * Serial RS-232 port a DB9F connector matching a PC compatible serial
    port pinout
    * Screw terminal block connections for all signals and power
    * Eight 10 amp Form "C" relays
    * Four logic levels signals usable as inputs or outputs

    The RC51-IRPKG is shipped complete with all items necessary to
    immediately begin controlling relays remotely, and if the user
    wishes to re-program the RC51 they will find all of the RC51
    reference manuals, software, and example programs on our web

    Gary Peek mailto:
    Industrologic, Inc. http://www.industrologic.com
    Phone: (636) 723-4000 Fax: (636) 724-2288
    Gary Peek, Oct 20, 2003
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