New machine for uni.. any thoughts on the RAM compatibility?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Figurt, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. Figurt

    Figurt Guest

    Hi there!
    Just building a new machine for university.. (will be used for games too!)
    just want to know if the system set up im thinking of, has any issues.
    What im thinking...
    2500xp barton (about £70 from cpucity)
    Abit NF7-s (£80 cpucity)
    TwinMos Pc3200 512mb twin (£70 cpucity)
    its really dirt cheap compared to any of the other manufactures..was
    thinking Mushkin Black £110... but £40 extra it really worth it?

    Ti4200...have it lying around, dont really want to spend £210 on a
    9800np...waiting if i can get a 9700np about £140...dont really mind

    Lian 61 case (£75... aria)
    PSU enermax EG36ax..ah 350W should be fine (£45

    MSI 52x24x52 (£35 local store)
    maxtor Diamond Max Plus 9 80gb (£70 local )
    413 iiyama 17" pro monitor
    Heatsink--coolermaster Aero 7+ (£20 local)
    ....compound..should i go with the one that comes with the aero 7+, artic
    silver? or Nanotherm PCM Plus?

    I know im buying from quite a few online retailers, but it works out the
    cheapest (inc delieveries and all that)

    The only thing that slightly concerns me is with the RAM... im just looking
    for 400DDR. I've heard good things about it (but not the twister RAM)

    Thanks you for any input
    Figurt, Sep 10, 2003
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