new mobo, at xp boot screen comp keeps restarting

Discussion in 'ECS' started by craiggoetz, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. craiggoetz

    craiggoetz Guest

    i just installed a new mobo (Elitegroup PF21 Extreme) and i got th
    BIOS set up to where it boots from the HDD and all, but when i get t
    the WinXP boot screen (black, with the little bar in the middle tha
    looks like a progress bar) it sits for a few seconds and restarts.
    don't have a WinXP CD because i bought an HP packaged compute
    originally, planning to upgrade. upgrading has gone fine until no
    with the new mobo. it boots to that screen alright, but it keep
    restarting. what to do
    craiggoetz, Dec 10, 2005
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  2. craiggoetz

    Guy Guest

    Yep, that's normal. The OS has all of the virtual device drivers fo
    the old board, and it is confused. (It's amazing, the things the
    don't tell you!) The system may settle down after 10-15 reboots, an
    that will not hurt your system, so let it run for a while befor
    deciding that you must reinstall / repair the OS

    Since you do not have an XP cd and swapped the board, the HP recover
    CD may refuse to allow you to reinstall. There should be a tech pape
    on the HP site on how to get around this issue, which usually involve
    simply adding a command line parameter to the install command. An H
    tech support rep can walk you through it

    FWIW, I recommend a complete re-install of XP, which will fix th
    problem and is probably less of a hassle than the repair instal

    Your other option is to drop $95 on a copy of XP SP2, and perform
    new install
    Guy, Dec 10, 2005
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