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Discussion in 'Asus' started by drvnguy, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. drvnguy

    drvnguy Guest

    What is the diffrence between the a7n8x vs. the a7v8x version ...i hate all
    these choices ,but the reviews say that the a7n8x is a good board to go with
    ....upgrading from a k7s5a elite mobo .is it worth the difference to upgrade
    to a 400 fsb board runnin

    amd athalon xp 2000
    2 sticks of ddr 256 ram pc 2100
    nec 1860nx multi sync lcd monitor
    nvidea fx 5200 graphics 128 ddr video with dvi-d video output (awsome)..
    drvnguy, Dec 28, 2003
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  2. drvnguy

    Keith Alger Guest

    Actually both those boards have been superceeded for some time now... The
    main difference between them is that the A7N8X is based on a Nvidia chipset
    and the A7V8X is based on a VIA chipset. Nows where I get in to to
    trouble... Generally Nvidia based motherboards are faster than VIA based
    ones, however the latest VIA motherboards are more stable (historically they
    had a lousy reliability record though).

    Keith Alger
    Keith Alger, Dec 28, 2003
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  3. drvnguy

    Jeff Labute Guest

    You might even want to try another motherboard... the ABit NF7-S with
    optical out
    n everything. Nforce2 board, reliable, fast, lots of features. I have an
    A7N8X also...
    it's good... but you'd have to get the deluxe to have Serial-ATA etc and all
    the nice
    goodies. The NF7-S gives you all the goodies at like $30 less or so than
    the deluxe
    asus board. for years I never gave abit a second thought but I see a lot of
    comments around on their NF7-S.
    Jeff Labute, Dec 28, 2003
  4. drvnguy

    RonK Guest

    A7N8X has the nvidia chipset.
    A7V8X has the VIA chipset.

    The nvidia will give you better performance.

    Here's the specs on your OLD k7s5a:

    Here's the specs on the A7N8X:

    Huge difference in the performance of the boards.
    To utilize the increase you will need faster memory - pc-3200 - your pc2100
    runs pretty slow.
    You will gain in the video area as the A7N8X has the 8x AGP yours only has
    4x AGP. Your FX 5200 supports 8X AGP.
    K7S5A can only handle 100/133 (200/266) FSB - the A7N8X has 400 FSB.

    Hope this helps. Post back with any other questions if you want.
    RonK, Dec 28, 2003
  5. drvnguy

    Rob Stow Guest

    Since it sounds like you are planning to replace both the
    motherboard and the cpu, I would suggest that you switch
    to Athlon64. An AthlonXP processor upgrade might have been
    a good idea if your motherboard could handle something like
    an XP3000+ or XP 3200+, but it doesn't make any sense these
    days if that kind of processor upgrade requires that you also
    upgrade your motherboard.

    If you go with AthlonXP again, you are pretty much at the end
    of that product line already if you get an XP3000+ or XP3200+.
    However, with the Athlon64 3000+ and 3200+ the product line is
    just starting and you should have lots of room for future
    processor upgrades.

    An Athlon64 3000+ cpu and A8V Deluxe motherboard combo would cost
    only about $80 to $100 Canadian (or about $60 to $75 USD)
    more than an AthlonXP 3000+ and A7N8X Deluxe combo. There is
    also the advantage that an Athlon64 3000+ only dissipates about
    2/3 as much heat as AthlonXP 3000+.
    Rob Stow, Dec 28, 2003
  6. drvnguy

    drvnguy Guest

    Thanks ron for your advice and help ,now its time to shop for some boards
    ,and possibly a new processor but as most people looking for fast speed at a
    low price is sometimes hard to find..
    drvnguy, Dec 28, 2003
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