New mobo for XP CPU - which one?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Devast8or, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. Devast8or

    Devast8or Guest

    Hi all,

    I'm thinking about buying a new motherboard, and wanted to hear if you guys
    have any good suggestions. It doesn't have to be Abit, but I've been very
    happy about my KT7A-RAID and BH6 boards.

    My needs are:

    1) Sockat A (I have a Palomino 2000+ I wanna put inthere)
    2) Room for a Silent Viking 2 cooler (80x80mm)
    3) Some way of connecting 5 IDE drives (RAID/SATA)
    4) I don't want some cheap crap (like ECS)
    5) OTOH it shouldn't be too expansive either

    I've been looking around a bit and found a few interesting boards:

    Asus A7N8X DeLuxe /GD ATX

    Soltek SL-75FRN2-RL

    Abit NF7-S

    The Asus card looks to have a passive chipset cooler as opposed to other two
    boards. That's nice (that would save me from buying and installing a passive
    Zalman heatsink which would void the warranty). Is the fan on the NF7-S

    Info and experience with any of these boards will be much appreciated, as
    well as as suggestions for other boards.


    Devast8or, Jul 13, 2003
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  2. Devast8or

    Morgan Guest


    Pop over to...

    You will see that they have forums for each of the n-Force makes of boards. That
    way you could have a read up on each of them as there are links to many reviews
    of each of the boards.....

    That way you can decide on price / features etc, inc availability of course, as
    well as peoples opinions to select the right one for you. My friend, for
    example, likes the Asus for two Ethernet ports on board - one of them being a
    3Com and it overclocks (being the latest revision) every bit as good as my Abit.

    Don't leave out the Epox board from your list either.

    As for your question on the noise of the Northbridge fan from the NF7-S - it is
    as quiet as any other std Northbridge fans that I have heard - the point being
    that I can't tell if it makes any additional noise over my 80mm 2500rpm HSF,
    Graphics chip fan or PSU fan combined together.

    Your point on being able to connect 5 IDE drives - well that might limit your
    choice to those boards with an additional controller on board as you also
    mention that cost is a factor for you - being more expensive to add an
    additional PCI controller later. But price around as I have seen PCI IDE ATA 100
    cards quite cheaply, non-raid though.



    How I fixed my noisy IBM drive
    3DMark 2001 with Ti 4200 = 15214
    Morgan, Jul 13, 2003
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  3. Devast8or

    Morgan Guest

    Haven't really heard much about Epox. I assume they're good too, since you
    Not knowing where you lived I mentioned Epox as here in the UK I have found
    their tech support to be superb and also the boards are very competitively
    priced. But they do not have on-board SATA.
    Well my fan on my other Abit board - A7V266 stopped working for ages - I ran it
    for many weeks without the HSF until I got a replacement sent to me from Abit.
    But noise can be subjective, my mates machine sounds like a damn helicopter but
    he doesn't see, or hear, that as a problem.
    With you all the way on that one - except it does limit your choice.
    Well I felt better - and my drive is now quieter ;-)



    How I fixed my noisy IBM drive
    3DMark 2001 with Ti 4200 = 15214
    Morgan, Jul 13, 2003
  4. Hi,

    I have also been researching a new mobo for a AMD based system, and after a
    few weeks I myself have decided on the NF7-S v.20 (Nforce ULTRA 400). I can
    buy this board for £75-00. I intend to run a Barton 2500+ which I can pick
    up also for about £75.00. So that makes £150-00 for CPU and Mobo!!! I just
    think that's mega value. . . .I mean I paid £180-00 for my current PIII550EB
    CPU over three years ago, it's a buyers market. . . .

    There is some good stuff out there from ASUS, MSI, EPOX, also but nothing
    that's clearly superior to the NF7-S v.2.0 and you also get access to this
    newsgroup if your ABIT purchase goes pear shaped!

    Hmmm I know exactly the process you are going through, but I think for
    £75-00 you are gonna have a tough time to beat the new ABIT NF7-S. . . . .

    Wayne ][
    Wayne Youngman, Jul 13, 2003
  5. That would be a P III 550E then.
    EB means FSB 133, which does not fit with 550 MHz.
    Jens C. Hansen [Odense], Jul 14, 2003
  6. Devast8or

    boneY Guest

    brilliant made me laff

    <Strive to Survive causing least suffering possible>
    boneY, Jul 14, 2003
  7. hehe true true :p, just that I overclock it to 733Mhz, almost think of it as
    an EB!. . .ahhh but we digress
    Wayne Youngman, Jul 14, 2003
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