New P2B rev.1.10 question

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Bolooser11, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. Bolooser11

    Bolooser11 Guest

    Good evening,
    Trying to do something with this board I got yesterday.
    Now, I have the user's manual I got on the Asus site and printed
    about the hard ware set up jumpers for the bus.
    I think it's the manual for rev.1.02 or whatever but it does not correspond
    to my board.
    In the manual are stated jumpers positions FSO FS1 FS2
    and, on my board, there is an additional FS3.
    So, can anyone help me with this ?
    I don't know how to deal with the FS3, ignore it or reposition the jumpers ?
    I am trying to have the board fire up with a PII , flash the bios and run it
    with a slot T in it.
    Thank you
    Take care
    Bolooser11, Nov 20, 2003
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  2. You could download a newer manual, for instance here:

    The jumper positions should also be silk-screened somewhere on the pcb.


    (btw if you want to run a tualatin with that slot-t, it'll only work if
    your board has the newer voltage regulator, since it's a rev. 1.10 it
    might or might not have the newer regulator.)
    Roland Scheidegger, Nov 20, 2003
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  3. Bolooser11

    Bolooser11 Guest

    Thanks a lot for helping me out on this.
    I found the exact manual for the mobo.
    Yes it does have the right voltage regulator
    (according to Upgradeware).
    Now I am going to try to fire it up with a Celeron 433
    to begin with ;-)
    Have a good day
    Bolooser11, Nov 21, 2003
  4. Bolooser11

    P2B Guest

    You have a board with a new voltage regulator & FS3 installed, and a
    Slot-T, which gives you some very interesting possibilities :)

    You can set the FSB as high as 150Mhz, which I have found runs very
    nicely if you install a processor, memory, and video card that work
    reliably at 150Mhz. Increasing FSB on P2B boards is desirable because
    the SDRAM soon becomes a bottleneck as processor speed increases.

    Processor: Most 1Ghz Tualeron (aka 1A) processors will run at 1.5Ghz.
    Some might require a Vcore increase from the specified 1.5v to 1.55v or
    even 1.6v (don't go higher - it won't help and might damage the
    processor). Some 1.1Ghz Tualerons will run at 1.65Ghz, but if FSB is the
    goal, the 1A is more likely to run at 150.

    Memory: Crucial PC133 CL2 usually runs fine at 150Mhz CL3. Corsair PC150
    CL2 works even better, but it's expensive.

    Video: The AGP bus runs at 100Mhz (overclocked from 66Mhz!) when FSB is
    150Mhz. Video cards with nVidia chipsets usually tolerate the overclock,
    others may not. My favourite P2B video card is the Asus GeForce2 MX.

    Have fun, and let us know how it goes :)

    P2B, Nov 22, 2003
  5. Bolooser11

    Bolooser11 Guest

    Good day,

    Finished putting the board together last night
    in an Enermax box with an Enermax PS, a Samsung HDD 4,3 gig,
    a stick of 256 CL2 PC100 Crucial ram, a Sound Blaster 16 Isa, a
    Radeon 7500 LE with 128 Lynix ram and a Celeron 433.
    The Celeron 433 and the Samsung drive are in there temporarily as
    I did not know which bios was installed.
    It fired right up nicely except for the horrible hissing sound of the
    Samsung HD.
    Did Fdisk, Format C: and installed Win98SE then flashed the Bios (11
    to version 1014.003.
    No problem at all ;-)
    Next step will be installing the Slot T with a Tualeron 1.1 and my 40 Gig
    Maxtor 7200 RPM.
    This board seems to be quite nice.
    I surely don't regret the 15 euros I spent for it ;-)
    Thank you and have a nice week end
    Bolooser11, Nov 22, 2003
  6. Bolooser11

    Bolooser11 Guest

    Good day,
    Installed the slot T and the Celeron 1.1.
    On the first boot up screen the Celeron is recognized as PIII 1100
    and there is a line: Rev.1014 Beta 003
    On the second screen a line : Bios data incorrect CPUID 00000006B4 update
    not loaded
    and "Hardware monitor found an error, enter power management setup for
    So I do and find 'Err" behind "V core voltage :1,5"
    behind Chassis fan speed xxx rpm (err)
    behind CPU fans speed xxxrpm (err)
    The reported mobo temp is 26°C/78°F
    The VIO : I left the jumper on "default".
    There is just another jumper setting for "test" which will raise it, it says
    in the manual.
    I have no other way (I have seen) to set the voltage.
    Now it can boot if I set to "ignore" the power management "err" lines.
    I think "Bios data incorrect ..." comes from the lack of the Celeron 1100 in
    the bios chapter ?
    There is also a difficulty clearing the CMOS. I put a screwdriver on the 2
    CLRTC soldering points
    but it did'nt do it.
    The main question to me is the voltage question as i do not understand the
    need of raising it
    as the Tualatin requires 1,5 and the older processors required much more ?
    and i don't want to fry this board.
    Thanks again

    On the second screen there is the message
    Bolooser11, Nov 25, 2003
  7. This is because the bios doesn't have the microcode for this cpu
    stepping (this bios only knows the older tualatin cpus). You can either
    switch off microcode updates in the bios ("BIOS Update"), or you add the
    microcode manually to your bios (described here, Generally, it is considered to be a
    good idea to have the correct microcode, but there seem to be no problem
    at all if you don't have it.
    This is exactly what you should do. It's a bit unsure how the bios
    determines what a correct voltage for a given cpu is, but obviously it's
    wrong on tualatin cpus. No need at all to raise the voltage.

    Roland Scheidegger, Nov 25, 2003
  8. Bolooser11

    Erwin Dokter Guest

    This is to be expected; Asus "forgot" to include the 06B4 microcode
    update for Tualatin processors in the BIOS. This is not critical, as
    Intel specs state that a processor should run the same without the
    microcode update.

    I just hacked together a 1014.003 BIOS that does include the 06B4
    microcode update. I sent the recepy to P2B, and I'm waiting for his
    page to update :) I just flashed my own P2B rev 1.02 with and it was a
    complete success!
    That is fine, the Celeron *should* run at 1.5v, the BIOS just doesn't
    know that. Set to ignore.
    You do have fans connected to the board's fan connectors? If not, then
    the BIOS will naturally report errors. Set to ignore.
    Use the smallest screwdriver you can find, and be sure to UNPLUG the
    mains, else the CMOS will keep getting power and it won't work.

    -- Erwin Dokter
    Erwin Dokter, Nov 25, 2003
  9. Bolooser11

    Bolooser11 Guest

    Well, thank you both for the information and advices.
    At least I know what's going on and surely would have liked to
    be able to build such a 06B4 bios but don't know how to.
    I am a social worker ;-)
    If I can have a link to P2B's web site I'll wait till the 06B4
    bios shows up.
    Thank you again for being here
    Bolooser11, Nov 25, 2003
  10. Bolooser11

    P2B Guest

    Just to clarify in case there's any confusion...

    The instructions currently on my site are for installing the 06B4
    microcode update into one of the spare slots in CMOS memory, where the
    BIOS can load it - but it will be lost if you clear CMOS. This method
    was developed by Paul, who also posts here regularly:

    Erwin figured out how to add the new microcode to the BIOS itself
    (without removing support for older slot 1 processors, like some recipes
    do), but he hadn't tested his BIOS as he didn't have a way to recover
    easily if it failed. He sent detailed instructions to me, I used them to
    build modified P2B-S and P2B-DS BIOSes and flashed them, thus proving
    Erwin's recipe works :)

    I'm planning to put Erwin's recipe on my site (available time is a
    problem), but I'm not sure if I would run into copyright or other issues
    if I offered modified BIOSes for download.

    Using the method currently on my site is easier and involves less risk
    as you are not rebuilding and flashing the main BIOS. I will post
    Erwin's more elegant method when I get time, but I'm not sure it's wise
    for me to offer modified BIOSes for download - although that would
    certainly be easiest for many users.
    P2B, Nov 26, 2003
  11. Bolooser11

    Erwin Dokter Guest

    Boloose11, Send me a mail if you want a copy of my BIOS.

    I think that people putting Tualatins on their board would have no
    problem updating their own BIOS files. All that would be needed to be
    on the page is CBROM215 and the updated CPUCODE.EXE (© Intel). I can't
    imagine any company tripping over that, but if they do, they will
    always ask you to remove it first.

    -- Erwin Dokter
    Erwin Dokter, Nov 26, 2003
  12. Bolooser11

    P2B Guest

    That sounds like a very reasonable compromise... I think I'll run with
    it :)
    P2B, Nov 27, 2003
  13. Bolooser11

    Bolooser10 Guest

    Good evening,
    This is the best group I've seen yet (along with Win98 ;-))
    Danke sehr
    Bolooser10, Nov 28, 2003
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