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New PC Intel Or Amd

Discussion in 'AMD Thunderbird' started by JustMe, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. JustMe

    JustMe Guest


    Just bought the 2 systems and put the first one together. My first
    imprssion is that it takes a long time until the system boots from the
    HD. Until the screen with the processorspeed, hardware info, etc and
    pool (or something like that) appears takes a few minutes and i think
    thats slow. I didn't get te latest drivers andso yet.

    Is this always so slow our do i need to compleet the installation with
    new drivers etc? Or do i need to change something else?

    333Mhz Dane Elec (girl friends pc, and she didn't want to spend more
    money on Ram)
    WD 80Gb 8Mb cache
    Geforce MX400

    JustMe, Nov 1, 2003
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  2. JustMe

    JustMe Guest

    The HD caused the problems. To solve it i need to connect the HD on
    the connector on the other end off the flat cable. The connector in
    the middle doesn't work proparly. Also tried other cables, but all the
    same result. So now i have the CD-player in the middle and the HD on
    the end off the cable. It works but it shouldn't be this way and the
    cable is a bit tight now.

    Any ideas on why it only works this way? Problem with the mainboard
    connector or so?

    JustMe, Nov 1, 2003
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  3. JustMe

    Ben Pope Guest

    Is it an ATA66 cable? (80 wires instead of 40)

    If so, you should use cable select for each drive.

    Otherwise you should be aware that the 13th wire is generally cut somewhere
    in the ribbon, and that the end connector is master, and the middle one
    slave - setting the jumper on the drive to master and then plugging it into
    the middle connector (for example) could cause problems. Additionally, the
    cables have a motherboard end - they are not reversable like the old 40 wire

    If cable select causes you problems, use the jumpers to explicitly set the
    master/slave relationship, but beware the rules above.

    Additionally some devices just don't like to be master, or slave. So
    swapping them round can help. (I have a Sony burner that doesn't like to be
    master, I think)

    Ben Pope, Nov 1, 2003
  4. JustMe

    JustMe Guest

    I noticed :( How the ... could i have known? there is nothing in the
    manual from Asus. I Thought it didn't matter never experinced this
    I tried that the hardway and found out it didn't work :( How can you
    tell what the motherboard end is and what not?
    Its a bit short but it works correct now. Why don't they make those
    cables a few inches longer :(

    That wasn't the problem. It had a hard time discovering the HD and
    after formatting it wouldn't boot proparly. The store took a look at
    it with Partion Magic and saw that everything was messed up. Multiple
    primary stations mixed with logical stations.

    I'm about too put together my own system:
    A7N8x-x Deluxe
    2500+ (Already mounted on the Mobo)
    512 corsair mem (already mounted)
    120 Maxtor SATA
    Radeon 9600 Pro
    NEC DVD burner
    Asus DVD player

    Any issue i should be aware off before starting assembling? Any
    suprises like the above?

    JustMe, Nov 1, 2003
  5. JustMe

    J.Clarke Guest

    Since the problem is that the SATA host adapter on the motherboard is
    not supported by the standard ATA driver that comes with XP, it is
    obvious where you need to look. If there is not a driver on the ASUS
    site then try the manufacturer of the SATA chip.
    J.Clarke, Nov 2, 2003
  6. JustMe

    Ben Pope Guest

    Then the rest of my comments aaren't relevant.
    The 80wire ones are colour coded.
    Signal quality. There's a lot of noise inside a computer case and long IDE
    cables can pick it up - the 40pin ones are quite good at that - I think the
    spec said a max of 18" at one point.
    Stations? You mean partitions?

    You are allowed up to 4 primary partitions per drive. Usually with a
    Windows setup, you have one primary partition and then one extended
    partition, with logical partitions in the extended one (if you want 2 or
    more partitions). However, you can have 4 primary partitions, but only one
    can be active at any one time.

    Dunno! Difficult to think of all the little snippets of info I know, that
    you may not :)

    The SATA drive may require different power connectors... sometimes they have
    a 4pin molex connector as well as the SATA power connector (my WD Raptor has
    both power connectors)

    Ben Pope, Nov 2, 2003
  7. JustMe

    JustMe Guest


    I think i run into one off those snipes.

    I put the system together. On boot time it sees the SATA drive, but
    not as the primary disk. Windows XP can't find it now and says that
    there is no Hard drive in the system. Booting from floppy works, and
    fdisk can find the drive and put partitions on it, but off course
    thats not what i want.

    How can i get system to see the SATA disk al primary disk and install


    JustMe, Nov 2, 2003
  8. JustMe

    JustMe Guest


    (second attempt, first one has disapeared somewhere).

    Put my system together but I can't install XP. The SATA drive is
    there and found by the controller but isn't the primary disk (and any
    other disk either) Installing XP now stops because it thinks there is
    no Hard drive. Booting from floppy works and fdisk can find the drive
    and put partitions on it, but thats not what i need.

    How can i correct this? What should i do to show the SATA disk as an
    primary disk so XP can find it and be installed?


    JustMe, Nov 2, 2003
  9. JustMe

    Ben Pope Guest

    What do you mean "primary disk"?
    When does it say that? During setup? Did you install the Driver by hitting
    F6 on setup startup?
    You need to set the boot order to SCSI. And you need to install the driver.

    Ben Pope, Nov 2, 2003
  10. JustMe

    JustMe Guest

    In one off the first screens ide is detected and the master and
    slaves are shown. In my case only the DVD-rom and DVD-burner are
    shown.The SATA isn't. Also in the BIOS setup it isn't shown as an
    drive. Only in the Raid setup from the SATA controller.
    What driver? where from? should it be in the box? F6? never read
    anyware i should do that.. Going to look in the box and see if i can
    find't anything.

    XP starts from the CD and when i "enter" to instal it says there is no
    Great.. never read anything about it. Where is that documented?

    JustMe, Nov 2, 2003
  11. JustMe

    JustMe Guest

    Ok found/saw the F6 in the XP installation. Pressed it and now i get
    the option to install a driver from the flopp. Only problem is: What
    floppy? what driver? there is non in my box from the mobo, only an cd.

    JustMe, Nov 2, 2003
  12. JustMe

    JustMe Guest

    Hmmm my SATA HD came in sealed plastic no floppy/drivers either. Where
    should it be? ASUS for the mobo or Maxtor for the hd? any location on
    the internet where i can get it?

    JustMe, Nov 2, 2003
  13. JustMe

    JustMe Guest

    yep there was something on Asus. in the readme file they also said to
    use the enclosed disk, which i don't have. Put one together with the
    provide drivers andso and inserted it into the XP installation. XP
    then said it had a driver and if the manufacturer didn't give a good
    reason i should use it. So i'am going to. Or is that a bad idea and
    should i use the driver from Sili instead?

    JustMe, Nov 2, 2003
  14. JustMe

    Ben Pope Guest

    Driver linked from my FAQ:


    Will need to extract the files in the zip onto a floppy and use that.

    Ben Pope, Nov 3, 2003
  15. JustMe

    JustMe Guest

    Ok, next time i will use this one. I put one together from the update
    on the asus site, but the cat file and some others where missing. It
    worked however and the system is now up and running. Need to install
    the local network and do some more testing and then... overclocking

    JustMe, Nov 4, 2003
  16. JustMe

    JustMe Guest


    I fucked up the system badly and had to reinstall xp. I used F6 and
    accepted the software from the diskkette. When XP installed the driver
    it said (again did that also yesterday) that it wasn't an official XP
    tested driver (something with no logo) and asked if i wanted to use it
    anyway. I choose no this time and went on with the installation. I was
    suprised xp could start from the hard disk without that drivers.
    Perhaps it was just one off the components. Any ideas on this?

    The reason i fucked up the system was very simple. I inserted a web
    cam on one off the USB ports to test if they worked. The cam was
    detected so i pulled out the usb-cable and... got a blue screen. After
    that it wouldn't restart from the hd. Seems like the boot record was
    messed up. After installing xp again i tested this again and.. this
    time a blue screen but it would restart. After restart it give an
    notification that the system recoverd from an sirious error and if i
    wanted to transmit a report to Microsoft. Testing the same thing on
    the other computer wiht an A7N8X-X in stead off the deluxe version
    gave no problems. How can i fix this problem? (exept from shutting
    down the system before removing usb cabels)

    JustMe, Nov 4, 2003
  17. JustMe

    JustMe Guest

    So on my new pc now.. seems to work fine.. now its time to overclock.
    saw once a brief note here what the best way to start was.. can't find
    it back now. Whats the best way / steps to overclock the system?

    JustMe, Nov 6, 2003
  18. JustMe

    rstlne Guest

    Going by your knowledge of pc's so far I would suggest you dont overclock
    the pc until you learn a little more about it, especially what the "bios" is
    and what the "os" is
    rstlne, Nov 10, 2003
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