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New video card advice....

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Skipai Otter, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Skipai Otter

    Skipai Otter Guest

    Currently got 8600GT in my system but unsure which GTX 2xx I can run on my
    current system with power requirements.

    I currently have:

    AMD64x2 6000+ 90nm
    Asus M3N-HT AM2+
    4 x 1024mb DDR-II 800 ram.
    1 x DVDRW IDE drive.
    1 x DVDRW SATA drive
    1 x Green power WD 1tb SATA
    1 x floppy
    1 x USB/Card reader front panel
    1 x Creative Labs X-Fi Plantnium PCI card.

    My system is powered by the Enermax 650watt (EIN650AWT)


    +3.3v @ 25A
    +5V @ 30A
    Total: 160W

    +12V1 @ 28A
    +12V2 @ 28A
    +12V3 @ 30A
    Total: 624W @ 52A

    I was thinking of either the GTX260 or GTX275 card.
    Skipai Otter, Jun 7, 2009
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  2. Skipai Otter

    Booty Bandit Guest

    You can go with both cards, even the GTX280/285

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    Booty Bandit, Jun 7, 2009
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  3. Skipai Otter

    Bioboffin Guest

    I just upgraded my graphics card from a 8800GTS to a Gainward GTX275. My
    power supply is 550W and I have had no problems. I don't know about AMD
    cpus - I have a 3.0GHz core 2 duo.

    One thing you will need to watch out for is that you will need two 6pin
    power connectors for the graphics card (not sure whether this also applies
    to the GTX 260. They put one with two molex connectors on the other end, in
    the box. My power supply (Antec Trupower) has one, and there were plenty of
    spare molex connectors available (I have all SATA drives). It isn't a major
    issue, but it's worth being aware of it. Another issue is that my new
    graphics card is very long - longer than the previous 8800 GTS. It is
    definitely worth checking that it will fit in your case.
    Bioboffin, Jun 7, 2009
  4. Skipai Otter

    Paul Guest

    There are a few power numbers here. Xbitlabs has a few specially
    equipped motherboards, where they can measure the slot power, as
    well as the power on the aux connectors of the video card. The
    trick is finding an article where it is listed. They don't store
    the results in a nice table, because they get more web site hits
    when people search for them.


    Paul, Jun 7, 2009
  5. Skipai Otter

    Skipai Otter Guest

    Ah good, decided and bought online a XFX GTX275 XXX card. The 280-285's
    were a bit beyond my price range so thought I pay out for the best I could
    afford and it was the 275 :)
    Skipai Otter, Jun 7, 2009
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