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New Way to Search the Information - Ogleo.com - An Integrated Search

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Shaine, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Shaine

    Shaine Guest

    We have just launched a new Search Tool - http://www.ogleo.com
    Kindly have a look and give us your suggestions here:
    Ogleo Discussion Forum http://forum.ogleo.com

    Ogleo Home Page - http://www.ogleo.com
    Ogleo Traffic Details - http://ogleo.com/traffic
    Ogleo Discussion Forums - http://forum.ogleo.com

    About Ogleo.com
    Ogleo.com is an integrated search tool which integrates various
    services to serve best of the web to its users. Ogleo word has been
    derived from word Ogle \O"gle\, n, which means to look at. At this
    time we have integrated 5 different services in Ogleo.com i.e. Web
    Results, Questions and Answers, Dictionary Definitions, Encyclopedia
    Content and Images.

    Our Mission
    Ogleo's aim is to integrate the information which is available with
    various content providers so that anyone can access the world's
    information in a single click.

    Future Plans
    In future we have planned to integrate more services in Ogleo.com e.g.
    News, Shopping, Photos, Videos, Whois, Jobs, Directories, Groups and
    Yellow Pages etc.

    ===Please don't forget to forward this message to your friends===

    Ogleo.com Team
    Shaine, Jan 28, 2007
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