New XPX 9100 - Roxio Creator Music CD's Have An Odd Problem - All the music but only One Track!

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Peter Greenstein, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. I just got off the phone with Dell Tech Support who can hardly be bothered
    with my problem.

    For years I've used my Dell laptop to burn music cd's, either from mp3's or
    ..wav files and the discs play perfectly on all of my various CD players
    around the house.

    Now on my new Win 7 machine (well, bought last November), I started to burn
    music cd's. I used Roxio Creator (and Winamp, too) create music cd's and the
    strange result is that these discs have all the music, but none of the track
    markers are accessible on regular CD players. My CD players indicate the
    number of tracks but can't access any but the first track which then plays
    the entire music program. The cd's play from start to finish with the timing
    indicator passing right through the entire program as if it were all just
    "Track 1."

    I've never had such a problem with Roxio (or Winamp) on my Vista Dell

    About all Dell Tech Support could accomplish was to update the Firmware for
    the DVD/CD burning drive but that didn't change anything. Complicating
    matters is that Microsoft's Windows Media Player WILL burn music cd's
    correctly. They play normally on all my CD players.

    Dell suggested I re-install Roxio, but my system didn't come with any
    program discs, I'd have to get that from Dell, right? Dell Tech Supported
    wanted to hand me over to Dell's Software Solutions, which will charge a fee
    for any help.

    Has anybody ever heard of such an odd situation?

    Does anybody have any suggetions?

    Peter Greenstein, Jan 28, 2011
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  2. depending on the version of roxio you have on your november windows 7
    machine and your vista machines they software may default to different
    file systems. for instance i have seen that roxio 1.3 de (dell edition)
    defaults to "iso+joliet" file system. it can be changed to include udf
    which is probably what your older cd player needs.
    Christopher Muto, Feb 1, 2011
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  3. Christopher,

    Thank you for this response (my only one?!).

    Can you guide me to where in Roxio I can set the "file system" to "udf"?

    Thanks for any help!
    Peter Greenstein, Feb 1, 2011
  4. in roxio creator 10.3 de it is found under tools-options-data.
    Christopher Muto, Feb 1, 2011
  5. Thanks, Christopher. I'll give that a try, but I noticed that my Vista
    laptop has the "iso-juliet" setting and burns CD's that play just fine on my
    various cd players.

    Peter Greenstein, Feb 1, 2011
  6. Peter Greenstein

    Jeff Nagell Guest

    I have the same problem , the udf change didn't work. Did you try it
    Jeff Nagel
    Jeff Nagell, Feb 8, 2011
  7. Peter Greenstein

    Jeff Nagell Guest

    The problem seems to be that disc copy isn't putting 2 seconds betwee
    the tracks. I have uninstalled and reinstalled , added roxio SP4 ,stil
    nothing. I did find a free program called CDBurnerXP that works great
    I'm using windows XP with roxio creator 2009
    Jeff Nagell, Feb 8, 2011
  8. Hi Jeff,

    Wow! You're the first person I've heard to report the same problem. Dell is
    mistified and what worries me is why they don't have others with this issue.
    They keep telling me it must be a software issue. "Change your settings.
    Goodbye." I keep asking them if they won't consider that it might be a
    series of slightly defective CD/DVD burning drives. They say drives either
    work or they don't work.

    Yes, I tried changing the udf thing and it didn't make any difference. My
    Dell laptop (Vista) from 2 1/2 years ago burns CD-R's perfectly.

    Did I mention that Windows Media Player burns CD's perfectly? I tried
    CDBurner briefly but it froze up so I uninstalled it. I guess I didn't give
    it enough of a chance. Roxio does back up data files without a problem.

    Since WMP burns fine and CDBurner works for you, we obviously have a way to
    work-around this problem. But Roxio is a pretty nice program, makes decent
    CD covers, etc. Itunes is a REALLY nice program but the CD's made with it
    are also defective. Same with WinampPro, which I paid money for. I use that
    program to burn flac format files directly to CD.

    I sent a question to Roxio but haven't heard back from them. I think they do
    support Dell users.
    Peter Greenstein, Feb 9, 2011
  9. peter, you still have not mentioned exactly what software and what
    version you are talking about. could be one of the 'de' (dell edition)
    versions of roxio that has had a patch released to correct issues like
    yours. very hard for any one to give a meaningful answer without
    knowing what you have.
    Christopher Muto, Feb 10, 2011
  10. Hello Chris,

    Sorry. Yes, it is the Dell edition of Roxio, version 10.3. Dell sent me a
    disc of it to try reinstallation. I was told this disc has the latest patch.

    But Itunes (vers AND WinampPro (vers 5.6) produce the same
    defective CD-R's. Multiple tracks burned, but my three CD players pass right
    through every track point without the track index advancing, as if the
    entire CD consisted of one long track.

    Oddly, my old DVD player will play these discs correctly as will any

    Perhaps my computer is trying to tell me that the CD is dead, kaput. It's
    time to get an Ipod, an Ipad and get with it.

    Well, I am on Facebook and I text while driving, so there!
    Peter Greenstein, Feb 10, 2011
  11. that is the latest version and roxio does not have any patches for it
    beyond the 10.3 which you already have. if you are having success with
    the creating the cds in other machines, and are using the same media
    (same make/type of cd) then that sounds like there is a problem with the
    roxio 10.3 software. time to try something else. perhaps this will get
    the job done...
    Christopher Muto, Feb 10, 2011

  12. Thanks, Chris, for the quick reply. I have notified Roxio of the issue but
    have not heard back from them. But as I said above, it is not just Roxio.
    Winamp and Itunes won't burn correctly on this drive either. Windows Media
    Player does burn CD's correctly. Who can explain that?

    Chris, I did try cdburner. It froze up the first time I tried it so I
    uninstalled it. Maybe I should try it again. Do you like that program?

    Peter Greenstein, Feb 10, 2011
  13. i don't like it if it freezes your computer ;)
    but have successfully before.
    i assume you did not gloss over my question regarding the media being
    used. they all look the same but there are some subtle differences in
    media, but if the same media use in different machines with different
    software are producing different results then it is probably the
    software. if you ever find a answer, or at least a solution then let us
    know. oh, one last thought, have you looked on to see if there
    happens to be a firmware update for the particular model optical drive
    you have in your system... but if you say you can successfully burned to
    the drive using different software then it is probably a software issue.
    Christopher Muto, Feb 11, 2011
  14. ..
    CDburner just froze itself once, but not the computer.

    BTW, yes, Dell did have me update the firmware for the drive. You feel that
    Windows 7 has fixed a lot of problems with Vista, but someone else told me
    they've heard lots of complaints about Windows 7, and in my case it is the
    newer Windows 7 system in whose environment Itunes, Winamp and Roxio can't
    burn a disc properly whereas Windows Media Player does. Sounds like the old
    days when it was rumored that Microsoft developers had a mantra, "Excel is
    finished untill Lotus can't work in Windows."

    Just kidding,

    Peter Greenstein, Feb 11, 2011
  15. Peter Greenstein

    Jeff Nagell Guest

    I found on the roxio box, that it needs windows media player 10 o
    newer. I have media player and have not tried up dating yet, but I woul
    think you would have it in windows 7. Since it uses files from the medi
    player library and maybe other windows files this could still be th
    problem. - Jef
    Jeff Nagell, Feb 15, 2011
  16. Jeff,

    I think you and I are the only ones who have burned a CD and found only one
    long track.

    But from what I understand of your post above, perhaps we don't have exactly
    the same problem.

    My Dell system arrived last November and has the latest versions of both
    Roxio and Windows Media Player. On my system it is the latter that actually
    burns CD's perfectly while Roxio (Itunes and Winamp also) do not. I can live
    with this but Itunes is really a little easier to use and I think has a few
    more features.

    The defective CD's occur when burning music files to make an audio cd to
    play on CD players. What I haven't yet tried is COPYING a CD with Roxio.

    Have you tried that and does it work?
    Peter Greenstein, Feb 16, 2011
  17. Peter Greenstein

    Jeff Nagell Guest

    I can also burn good music CD's with media player. My problem is wit
    roxio copy disc. Again I think this is the only problem I have wit
    roxio. I have not tried burning DVD's yet. But the free progra
    cdburnerxp (which will also work in windows 7) has a great disc copy
    which is easier than ripping and copying, which is what media playe
    does. I still don't have the answer to this problem, but it looks lik
    we both have found a way around it. Best luck -Jef
    Jeff Nagell, Feb 17, 2011
  18. Peter Greenstein

    Iwalkedalone Guest

    I also have this problem with Roxio Creator (in Windows 7). I have jus
    discovered it. When I burn to a CD, it fails to create individual track
    and plays the lot as one track, with no gaps, in any CD player. If yo
    want to listen to, for example, Track 10, you have to fast forward as i
    it were a tape, a 30-year technological step backwards. Absolutel
    appalling. I don’t intend to launch Roxio ever again unless it is t
    demonstrate the outrage described above. I would prefer Nero, and that’
    saying something.

    If I put the compromised CD into a DVD player, the DVD player can fin
    separate tracks. This may be because DVD players are more complicate
    and have more ways of seeking and finding information on a disc.

    Infuriatingly, on the CD player, if it is a live concert with separat
    songs (separate tracks) but a continuous performance which is suppose
    to flow uninterrupted if you play the CD straight through – there is a
    audible blip between tracks!!! So it can find the tracks to annoy yo
    but not to select them. What a triumph
    Iwalkedalone, Aug 9, 2011
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