Newbie - conecting motherboard cables with a case cables

Discussion in 'IBM' started by zalekbloom, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. zalekbloom

    zalekbloom Guest


    This is a first time I am trying to connect motherboard (V4MDMP) with
    a computer case. I don't understand some names from the manual, for
    vcc5 (positive 5V?), nc (not connected?), gnd (ground?). Some
    connectors are multicolored - is there any standard with colors? Each
    pair of wires have a white color? Does white is a ground?

    Are there any Interne sites that describe any standards or how to
    connect motherboards?


    zalekbloom, Sep 5, 2004
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  2. zalekbloom

    Skeleton Man Guest


    It sounds like you're talking about the USB connectors.

    The colors are like this:

    Vcc == +5V (red)
    USB- == - data (white)
    USB+ == + data (green)
    Gnd2 == Ground 2 (black)
    Gnd == Ground (black)
    Nc == No connection

    Somtimes Gnd2 is called USBOC (usb over-current) instead.. I have no idea
    what purpose this serves..
    Also, one USB connector may have gnd and gnd2, while the other has gnd and

    Your motherboard manual should tell you which pin correponds to which
    connection above.

    Skeleton Man, Sep 5, 2004
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  3. zalekbloom

    zalekbloom Guest

    Thanks Chris,
    My motherboard used only this short names - after seaching the
    internet I found that ground is usually a black or white cable. Using
    this hint I successfully assembled my new PC (MB - Mach Speed V4MDMP
    with Athlaton +3000) and this message is from the new machine.

    zalekbloom, Sep 6, 2004
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