Newbie DDR2 and PDSGE question

Discussion in 'Supermicro' started by PineSalad, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. PineSalad

    PineSalad Guest

    Apologize, I'm getting a PDSGE and I'm a bit fuzzy on the DDR2 standard.

    I'm getting an 840 Pentium-D which has an 800Mhz FSB, but I see the top
    end of the memory the PDSGE supports is 667.

    I'm assuming the 667 is effectivly 1334 in speed?

    Or am I mis-reading something here.
    Bottom line, I'd like to make sure the memory I purchase is the most
    optimal for the processor. I was considering

    Again, apologize. I'm used to seeing the memory capability match the
    FSB of the CPU in some way.

    Thanks in advance.
    PineSalad, Oct 3, 2005
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