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Newbie: memory in ATI Jetway Radeon 9200SE

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Thomas Hedden, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. I recently bought the following graphics card:
    ATI Jetway Radeon 9200SE. It gives the figure
    "128 MB" for memory. However, when I examine it
    (a good picture can be found at the following URL:
    ), I see very few components on the board other
    than the processor, and certainly not any that
    look like memory. (I have a RAID card that has
    a slot to hold a SIMM, and that is what I am
    comparising it with.) I had always assumed that
    the figure given for memory in graphics cards was
    the amount that was on board the graphics card,
    but this makes me wonder whether the graphics card
    is simply using the computer's RAM, and the memory
    figure merely gives the amount of RAM that the
    graphics card can make use of.
    Can anyone enlighten me about this?
    Thomas Hedden, Dec 18, 2004
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