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Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by josoap, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. josoap

    josoap Guest

    Hi Folks I have got a problem I could do with a bit of help on. My Mobo
    is a GA-7NNXP. In the book it reckons I can update my AMD Athlon 1.10
    socket A to a 64bit CPU. I dont think I have 900+ pins. I cannot find
    a Socket A AMD Athlon. Any help please.

    josoap, Nov 27, 2005
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  2. josoap

    McGrandpa Guest

    The manufacturers website is usually a good place to start. There is a page
    like this for all their motherboards. gee, 2 years ago that was a pretty
    advanced mobo.
    When that page comes up, just look at the list in blue text on the mid left
    and click on CPU Support List. It shows you all the supported CPU's for
    that mobo.
    McGrandpa, Nov 27, 2005
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  3. josoap

    jpsga Guest

    Go to the K7 Semprom 3000.
    jpsga, Nov 28, 2005
  4. They don't, and never did make 64bit CPUs on the old Socket A platfor
    why they say it in the book i have no idea. Perhaps they are talkin
    about 64bit memory data / address bus?

    Anyways like jpsga says, that board will go to a Sempron 3000+ whic
    would perform pretty well compared to your Athlon 1100. If you don'
    know about the Sempron, it's basically stuck somewhere between th
    Duron and the Athlon XP. For example a Sempron 2000 would perfor
    better than a Duron 2000 but not as well as an XP2000.

    If i were you i would try to find an XP3200+ to max out the board
    Still a very good CPU. Finding one is a problem however eBay would b
    your best bet. Never buy an "Untested" one. 99% of the time a
    untested CPU is someone making money by buying a known gubbed CPU an
    reselling it as untested
    davidfowler2000, Nov 29, 2005
  5. josoap

    josoap Guest

    Thx for the info David, I have decided to go 64 bit, it's only money.
    Could you tell anything about the 'round' type connections for the HD's,
    CD/DVD and Floppy drives. My drives have 80 wire for UDMA drives. Is it
    possible to get round cables that have 80 wires.
    Thx. Jo
    josoap, Nov 29, 2005
  6. josoap

    plowak Guest

    All IDE round connectors are 80 wire. Check out the product description at under accessories, cables. If fac ,as a newbie, you can find
    quite an education at Newegg, browsing product the description and the buyer
    comments sections.

    Have fun,

    plowak, Jan 2, 2006
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