nf7-s 2.0 & too early overtemp shutdown

Discussion in 'Abit' started by dsaric, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. dsaric

    dsaric Guest

    my conf.:

    n7-s 2.0
    tbred 1700+ + silent breeze I & arctic silver III
    BeQuiet 350W PSU

    i usually run it at 1GHz(6.5×166)@1.2V, but when i need something done, i run
    it at 2166(2700+)@1.625V ...

    when i first overclocked it this hi, last year (when i still had the enermax
    350W psu), i had a problem that the mb would shut down the system before it
    reached 70°C although the system was perfectly stable, tested with prime95 and
    although the overtemp protect in bios was set to 85 in the softmenu and to
    disable in the advanced setting (?? why is this setting in two places and can
    be set to different things at these two places ??), so i increased this setting
    to 100°C and the mb stopped shutting down the system even when the CPU reached
    80°C (and was still perfectly stable even though the AC voltage was under 190V
    at the time&place, go enermax go ! :))

    in the meantime i updated the bios, and changed the psu (i was installing two
    new harddrives and accidentaly made a short circuit on the molex, and instead
    of shutting down, the enermax melted the wires to the molex and died, _big_
    dissapointment) so now i have the bequiet (it's quieter then the enermax but
    also a lot hotter, and the 12V is 11.79V at full load at 2166MHz... again a
    dissapointment, and it costs more than the enermax :/ )

    anyways now i need to get 'something done' (render some animations) as soon as
    possible, so i raised the clock again and the mb again shuts down the system at
    68 degrees (celsius), but the overtemp protect option in bios is set to 90°C
    and that is now the highest available value (no more 100°C) so i now have no
    more options in the bios to prevent the mb from shutting down my system, i
    tried updating to the latest bios but still the same ...

    in the manual it states that the overtemp protection option should have the
    value od 100°C and also the option to disable the overtemp protection, but i
    don't have/see those options so i guess they were removed in newer bioses (why
    ???) ...

    so my question, finaly :) is there a solution to my problem (turning of the
    damn illworking overtemp protection) other than returning to an older bios (if
    that is the problem) ?

    how good is the abit tech support, should i try and ask at the support page ?
    dsaric, Jul 18, 2004
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  2. dsaric

    OCZ Guy Guest

    You know with that CPU your realy not using the board :(

    You realy need a 200fsv cpu and Pc3200 ram and atleast a Radeon 9600

    Though i think you already knew that.
    OCZ Guy, Jul 19, 2004
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  3. dsaric

    dsaric Guest

    where did i ask that ? :/

    i have a _serious_ problem with the unexpected shutting down of my system ...

    anyways i have a 9500pro and a tbred at 2166 and fsb166 with 1GB of ddr333 ram

    learn to quote...
    dsaric, Jul 19, 2004
  4. dsaric

    Morgan Guest

    From reading your post I notice that silence, as much as possible, is very
    important to you and your setup. When you run your PC at
    You do not have a problem but when....
    Then quite simply your cooling is not adequate for your PC, IMO.
    Again IMO you need to look at a much better cooling option and I would have
    suggested something like a Zalman 7000CU which is a "quiet" cooler and will
    make a huge difference to the temps that you are seeing. My CPU is running
    at 1.8v (default is 1.5v) and my full load temps never go above 41c at the
    most, it really is that good. But I do know that that particular HSF would
    need to be modified before it would fit on that board due to the position of
    the capacitors around the socket. But I am sure that there are other
    adequate "silent" cooling methods, some of them using variable speed fans as

    I would be amazed if the problem is your motherboard and not that of the CPU
    just simply getting too hot and simply shutting down, although you do have
    the option to go back to your old bios if you wish to. I know that you have
    written about the stability of Prime95 at the higher temps but to me the
    options are either....

    1. Sort out your cooling.
    2. Return to the old bios and hope that it works.
    3. Buy a new CPU that doesn't need to be O/C - but it will run hotter
    4. Be prepared for your work to take longer.
    5. Contact Abit and see if they can help.

    I would go for number 1 option.

    You have noticed the 12v line is 11.79v and as you know that is a little
    low, compared to a different PSU, but I'm not sure if that would be enough
    to make a difference...? Also the AC voltage that feeds the PSU as you have
    noted that this was under 190v at one particular time something must have
    made you curious enough to check that - I haven't got a clue what mine is,
    could you be having fluctuations in the main supply that this new PSU is
    more sensitive to than the Eneramax was...???



    Hard drive noisy....
    Morgan, Jul 19, 2004
  5. dsaric

    - HAL9000 Guest

    Too early?

    As I recall, transistors melt at 100 degrees C. That's the internal
    temp, the case temp is usually around 90 degrees C when your cpu turns
    to goo.


    Motherboard Help By HAL web site:

    < snip >
    - HAL9000, Jul 20, 2004
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