NF7-S: *Fastest* Memory for the nForce2 Ultra 400?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Wayne Youngman, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Greetings,

    just a quick enquiry. I am probably gonna swap-out my existing PC3500
    (TwinMOS TwiSTER cas2) for some new Mushkin PC3500. . .

    Do you think that PC3500 with very good timings (2,2,2.0) is the best way to
    go for the nForce2 Ultra 400. Is 216MHz-FSB (433DDR) Cas2,2,2.0 about the
    best I could expect to get from the NF7-S. Is anybody running a really high
    FSB with good timings?

    Wayne ][
    Wayne Youngman, Sep 9, 2003
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  2. Wayne Youngman

    Ben Pope Guest

    I managed 220 FSB (*10) with 5-2-2-2 using some Corsair XMS3200LL - it
    passed memtest86.

    Unfortunately I experienced errors in prime95 and lockups in Linux so I'm
    currently running at default speeds. The Linux lockups haven't gona away so
    I shall try 220*8.

    If you look at my post "FSB vs Timings vs Bandwidth" from 4 days ago you may
    be able to ascertain possible advantages to differing timings. I suspect
    you will not gain much to be honest, as long as you can get CL2 and
    reasonable other timings (3).

    Ben Pope, Sep 9, 2003
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  3. using twinmos pc3700 with timings on abit nf7s rev 2.0...fsb 230
    x 10 with complete stability....hope the info helps
    neil sherwood, Sep 9, 2003
  4. Hi,

    yes that is good! I will install Sisoft Sandra soon and begin some proper
    analysis. I also have TwinMOS PC3500 (TwiSTER)cas2 but I can't even get it
    to run default timings (8, 3, 3, 2.0) at 216MHz-FSB without bumping up the
    Vdimm to 2.7. I'm quite new to all this DDR stuff so maybe I should be a
    bit more patient with what I got before splashing out for proven fast Brand
    memory. . .

    Wayne ][
    Wayne Youngman, Sep 9, 2003
  5. Wayne Youngman

    Ben Pope Guest

    You're not going to see much improvement from there, really. Even if you
    could hit FSB 230 with these timings you'll get maybe 3-4% improvement in
    memory bandwith. Spend the money on some other component.

    Ben Pope, Sep 9, 2003
  6. It's fairly common to have to run 2.7Vddr to get to spec' speed. My older
    TwinMOS PC3700 also needs to be at 2.7Vddr to run default timings at
    218MHz - only way it will run at all at spec' 231MHz is back off on the
    timings some too...

    AFAICR TwinMOS reckon their stuff is okay up to 2.8Vddr but Corsair say you
    shouldn't push their's past 2.7Vddr, so I tend to use that as a 'hard


    Nick M V Salmon, Sep 10, 2003
  7. You can't go wrong with Mushkin memory. I have used their modules for
    years without a problem. they have a excellent product, and their
    support is tops...
    Daniel L. Belton, Sep 10, 2003
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