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NF7-S: Tweaking DDR - Timings, Vdimm etc (TwinMOS TwiSTER PC3500)

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by Wayne Youngman, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. Hello gang,

    I am getting to grasp slowly with the DDR thing. I have just moved from an
    Intel Platform using PC133cas2 to a new nForce2 Ultra 400 (NF7-S) using a
    2500+. With this set-up I have 512MB (2x256) of TwinMOS TwiSTER PC3500
    which has a spd of 8, 3, 3, 2.0 (not bad timings, but I know you can do
    better, corsair, ocz etc). It appears to work great at 166-200MHz but when
    I go any higher like its default speed of 216MHz I notice the timings are
    slowed down in the BIOS to 9, 4, 4, 2.0 or slower (advanced chipset
    features). To make this memory run at its rated 8, 3, 3, 2.0 I have to turn
    off automatic control and select 2.7v (more juice for memory). I'm not sure
    why auto mode doesn't let this memory run as it is meant to be rated.

    Having read allot of posts/reviews of memory I would like to tweak mine to
    see what it can do, but I need a little input. I know that lower timings
    are normally faster but I'm not sure which of the 8, 3, 3, 2.0 settings to
    lower first? also is it normal to raise Vdimm to help the DDR?

    Many thanks for showing me the way. . .

    Wayne ][
    Wayne Youngman, Sep 4, 2003
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  2. I know that lower timings
    Leave the memory timings as they are (set them manually, not auto), they
    simply aren't that critical, what matters is fsb. Turn off spreadspectrum,
    enable cpu disconnect, cpu interface, cpu/ram ratio to 6/6, raise Vmemory to
    2.9, Vchipset as high as it will go (you'll have to vmod it to get beyond
    220fsb), and raise Vcpu as needed. Set the PCHealth settings at 65C
    warning, 70C shutdown, and start experimenting. 10x200 is a good starting

    Roger Squires, Sep 4, 2003
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  3. "Roger Squires"wrote
    Hi Roger,
    thanks for all that information, gee I was wondering about all those (new)

    So just to confirm:

    Disable: Spread spectrum
    Enable: CPU Disconnect
    Enable: CPU Interface

    CPU/RAM Ratio: 6/6
    Raise Vdimm to MAX (2.9v)
    Raise Chipset voltage to MAX
    Raise Vcore to stability needs

    I didn't see any information about allot of these things, anyone else care
    to confirm these settings please.


    Wayne ][
    Wayne Youngman, Sep 4, 2003
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