NF7-S ver2.0 post prob! + Checksum errors

Discussion in 'Abit' started by TomJ., Aug 24, 2003.

  1. TomJ.

    TomJ. Guest


    This is now the second time I've posted in regards to this very same
    problem. I started having checksum errors with my new (month old) NF7-S ver2
    mainboard. I updated to ver.17. I had posted earlier asking if this could be a
    MB battery problem. I had a reply stating it could quite be the PS.. having a
    new case in mind I went out and purchased a new Antec Case with 350W PS. It
    seemed to handle the problem.. but within a week now the problem has returned
    since I did the CMOS clear method 3 from Abit and per other posts here on this
    newsgroup.I had another checksum error yesterday and was quite pissed at this.
    I went through what had worked previously with the method 3 CMOS clear..
    (remove power cord, remove ATX power connector to MB, clear CMOS via jumper and
    remove mb battery.. let sit for a few minutes and put it back together) I did
    that again.. worked before but this time no go.. no post.I even left it as is
    (no mb battery etc.) overnight. fans spin and as far as I can tell it goes up
    to hard drive seek but nothing beyond that. I have not changed anything and
    have been very happy with my setup thus far.. system specs below. I have not
    o'clocked this system. I have owned many ABIT boards before this one and have
    never ever had this type of problem. I point the finger of problem to Nvidia's
    chipsets as I've never had ANY situations with Intel or VIA chipsets before.

    NF7-S ver 2. bios 17
    2X 256mb Mushkin PC-3200 cas 2 mem
    Western Digi 60gb
    Athlon XP 2800 B core
    Leadtek FX5600 vid card w/256mb vid mem
    Audigy 2 sound card
    Lynksys ethernet card.. ( i know it has onboard lan.. but I've used this one
    with satisfied results ... will be using mb lan for backup)

    Any help on this would be appreciated...

    Tom J.
    TomJ., Aug 24, 2003
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  2. TomJ.

    Bert Root Guest

    Prior to the stampede TomJ. tryped...
    I had similar probs with this board and chip as it was trying to drive the
    memory at 400MHz and I changed the timings down and voila never had a
    problem since. Try this before buying a BIOS saviour as you'll probably void
    your warranty by fitting one. I nearly RMAed the board until someone in this
    group suggested changing the ram timings down from Aggressive.
    Bert Root, Aug 24, 2003
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  3. TomJ.

    TomJ. Guest

    OK Gentlemen... I do believe a replacement board is in order... reason being is
    that I realized I had a solution to hand and didn't even realize it earlier
    today since I was in a bit of dismay with this problem.
    I built a very similar computer for a friend of mine and still have it here.
    So, I popped out my BIOS chip and popped out the chip from my friends NF7-S.. I
    used his on my mainboard. No Go... I used mine on his mainboard.. no problem..
    started up and booted right into Windows.. I did notice however I had flashed
    his BIOS with version 18. So, using his machine I flashed my BIOS to version 18
    as well... having done that and replacing my BIOS chip into my mainboard..
    reassembling and giving it a go again .... it still doesnt work... final
    conclusion... the board shit the bed... what else could I say except it might
    have been a electrical spike in my power line or failing components.. this did
    occur with little symptoms occuring here n there that I thought were Windows
    98SE problems.

    Thanks again gents...

    Tom J.
    TomJ., Aug 24, 2003
  4. TomJ.

    TomJ. Guest

    I can't get into the BIOS screen to be able to do that and anyway... the memory
    settings are not altered from how it came (the mainboard) from the factory. The
    settings are set to Optimal.. and as far as I remember.. that is a stock or
    fail safe configuration.

    Tom J.
    TomJ., Aug 24, 2003
  5. TomJ.

    Morgan Guest

    now the only problem is getting it to start normally in the morning without
    having to switch off the PS in the rear.

    Now that could be part of your problem could you please elaborate :)



    How I fixed my noisy IBM drive
    Morgan, Aug 25, 2003
  6. TomJ.

    TomJ. Guest

    Morgan here's the new "thing" it's doin today.. of course, with your help my
    NF7-s is again alive.. but again now dead.. a real pain in the ass if I say so
    myself. This is now the 3rd time within a weeks time that I will have to do
    the pulling the plug, pulling the ATX power connector, resetting the BIOS and
    pulling the battery.. I really thought I had it knocked today. I thought I
    might have had some problem with my Western Digital 60GB drive with Win98Se on
    it.. So I connected a new 120GB WD drive with WinXP Professional (Corperate
    version) sang well all day... I decide I am gonna copy some files from the 60GB
    WD drive (connected it as a slave drive) with Win 98SE on it to the 120GB
    drive and bam! Again !!!.. while browsing through my files.. the screen again
    goes black.. fans still spinning.. just no picture.. I disconnect it.. try to
    connect my IBM 40GB original slave drive to copy files.. no go.. I remove that
    one and tried to boot up with just the 120GB drive with WinXP on it, nothing..
    and here I am giving it that time to reset.. Gawd this is getting
    frustrating!!! The My BIOS setting are basically fail safe with the exception
    that I don't use the onboard sound, Lan or Sata set-up.. I have those disabled
    as well as the Comm Ports.. No overclocking either

    Tom J.
    TomJ., Aug 26, 2003
  7. TomJ.

    Morgan Guest

    Hello Tom

    Ok first thing is first....

    As time goes by the chances of you getting a complete refund or exchange becomes
    more and more difficult, not impossible, but just difficult. You might want to
    consider that as you know best of the relationship that you have with your

    Now to your problem...

    I would suggest that it is important to ensure that through this testing period
    you have the board as follows....

    Board on anti-static non-conductive surface with the bare minimum needed to get
    to a boot screen.

    From there 1 hard drive, floppy and CD drive and then build an operating system
    around that and ONLY that.

    Using the power button to switch it on and off and testing the system to stress
    it will ensure that you have the minimum amount of hardware that could cause
    uncertainty as to the cause of the problem.

    If that seems fine then add the IBM drive as Master on the other IDE channel. If
    that goes fine then add your other WD as slave to the IBM.

    If by doing the above you can't maintain a functioning system (and you are
    positive that the few components that you are using are good) then what choice
    do you have but to look for a refund or exchange of board....?

    On a new board I do try and keep the efforts that I put into to getting it to
    work fairly simple because, in my opinion, that is all it should be. Anything
    more complicated, with std components added that you know are good, is not
    needed without returning the board.



    How I fixed my noisy IBM drive
    Morgan, Aug 26, 2003
  8. TomJ.

    Morgan Guest

    Well you do seem to be determined to stick at this one, I admire your tenacity

    As you are the person working with your problem, and whilst your very detailed
    posts are informative, I do have some concerns on your leaning towards the
    NVidia drivers as being the likely cause for your situation.

    For me the board would not be in the case until it would be classed as
    functional on an anti-static non conductive surface. I would even be using a
    small bladed screw driver to short the pins to power it on and off during the
    test period and not the power switch.


    Wasn't one of Microsoft's Hotfixes designed around building a delay in to the
    shutdown process of XP for those people with large drives...? If not you can
    even add a value to the reg. to increase it yourself....;en-us;Q305788

    Good luck




    How I fixed my noisy IBM drive
    Morgan, Aug 26, 2003
  9. TomJ.

    TomJ. Guest

    Morgan thanks again.. and it seemed yesterday after working long hours on the
    beast I had finally slayed the problem.. It ran like a charm for 6 hours
    straight.. with very hopeful thoughts of not having to work with it anymore..
    it gave out again. Knowing that all of my hardware is new (except for the case
    and PS) , having imported this mainboard from another box thinking the battery
    or PS was bad and since changing it and troubleshooting it to death, the
    problems didnt disappear... I've decided to return this board for
    replacement.. in the meantime.. I had built a similar computer for a friend
    with the same MB.. I've taken his mb, and installed it as my own.. with a new
    replacement on its way... all is well again.. lol I have another case with a
    KT7-A Raid in it with 3 caps that are slightly swollen... in time the
    replacement board will simply go in there. End of story..

    Thanks again,

    Tom J.
    TomJ., Aug 27, 2003
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