NF7-S + XP-M 2500+ + RAM + PCI ATA RAID card recommendation?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by zork, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. zork

    zork Guest

    Hi, I am the previous owner of a a7v133/1ghz system. It blew on me. I have
    been deciding to get into this 64ish stuff but am undecided which way to go.
    I didnt want to buy into a short lived form factor like the 754 as there is
    now a general trend towards socket 939. But 939 is very expensive. So i have
    been deciding to just go with socket a for the time being... just a few

    1. is my decision to go with socket A a good one? I have a headache from
    trying to decide which way to go.

    2. I have been looking at getting NF7-S + XP-M 2500+. I guess this is the
    best combination for overclocking, yes? Not ASUS?

    3. What ram should i get? I was getting a little sluggish with 2 x 256 MB
    high perf2 Mushkin sdram in my old blown system. So I was thinking maybe 2 x
    512 MB. What brand name should i get? I heard A-DATA PC3200 is very good.
    What is the general consensus with ram for overclocking the NF7-S + XP-M
    2500+ ?

    4. Is the system stable when overclocked to .. what is it.. 2.5GHz ? Can I
    leave it running all day and night number crunching/ downloading? I have an
    Antec 550 W True Control PSU.

    5. I actually have 7 IDE/ATA devices (2 x CDROM/DVD & 5 x IDE/ATA) - not
    SATA. Is it ok to put in a PCI ATA raid card into the mobo and have that
    working while in an overclocked state? Will it be stable? What raid card
    would be recommended?

    I am hoping this system would be far better than my a7v133/1ghz
    performance-wise and stability.

    Any help appreciated!

    zork, Aug 10, 2004
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  2. zork

    andy Guest

    i would say defo abit nf7-s v2 or maybe dfi lan party board the latter maybe
    a little better for u with the added extras on board
    andy, Aug 10, 2004
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  3. zork

    BUFF Guest

    Performance wise night & day if you run 400fsb rather than the XP-M's
    default 266fsb.
    Mind you the 2.5GHz v 1GHz has something to do with it as well : )

    You've got a great PSU so with decent RAM & cooling you should have a great
    & very stable system (mind you my A7V was always stable too).

    If you only replace your system every 4-5 years I don't see the problem with
    Socket 754 though as everything will be changed again in another 4-5 years..
    BUFF, Aug 11, 2004
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