NF7-S2/2500+ Won't Reboot/Reset Unless Powered Down?

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Todd K., Aug 31, 2004.

  1. Todd K.

    Todd K. Guest

    I'm running into a wierd problem here. I'm building a NF7-S2 (not to be
    confused with the NF7-S Ver.2) with a Barton 2500+. I was able to
    finally get thru a MEMTEST86 with no errors at 200 MHz by increasing the
    DDR voltage to 2.65, but sometimes when I want try to reboot, it locks
    up. Reset won't even work. I have to turn off the power switch to the
    power supply to get it to boot again. I've increased the core voltage to
    1.75V and the "LDT" (What's that stand for?) to 1.72 and it seemed to
    help a little, but after letting MEMTEST run for a few minutes, it
    wouldn't reboot with out shutting everything down. It seems to happen
    more after exiting the BIOS screen.

    Here's ome more specifics:

    NF7-S2 w/ Barton 2500+ @ 200 MHz FSB
    Geil Value 512 MB DDR at 200 MHz
    Antec True Power 430W (I pulled this out of my old computer, works fine)

    Right now I've only got an old VGA video card and a floppy drive hooked
    up to the power supply as well as the 120mm case fan and the CPU fan.
    Could it be there is not enough load on the power supply to do a proper
    reset? Any other ideas?


    Todd K.
    Todd K., Aug 31, 2004
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