NFS mounted home folder -- Can't see various files

Discussion in 'Apple' started by ZRWM, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. ZRWM

    ZRWM Guest


    I am NFS mounting the /Users folder of one OSX box on some iBooks.

    The export options are r/w and maproot=nobody.

    The UIDs and GIDs are identical on all machines.

    The iBook clients pick mount the /Users folder and the users are
    recognised with their respective UIDs and GIDs on the NFS server, ...


    I cannot see any files in those folders which are set to mode 700
    (drwx------), for example Documents or Desktop etc etc.

    If I am recognised by the NFS server as myself and user to user
    mapping is used (with the only exception being root), then why would
    the group and world privileges have any impact on me being able to see
    files in the folder?

    Any ideas?

    ZRWM, Jun 25, 2003
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