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NFS: Porsche Unleashed on Radeon in winXp?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Asestar, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. Asestar

    Asestar Guest

    Hello all
    Is there anyone who tried playing nfs5 Porsche 2000/unleashed under winxp? I
    get many many problems.

    Biggest one is that even if chose highest tex. detail in options, car(and
    interior)-textures show up as very low-res. All blurry and faded. Not sharp
    and crisp (as i remember on voodoo5, gf2) as seen by game screenshots around
    Is there any fix?

    Asestar, Feb 9, 2004
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  2. Asestar

    gtp Guest

    Well i have had no issues exept for the menu screen its not very clear
    but everything else if fine
    gtp, Feb 9, 2004
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  3. Asestar

    Asestar Guest

    Which radeon you have? I tried it on 9000 and 8500le..
    Asestar, Feb 9, 2004
  4. Asestar

    GTX_SlotCar Guest

    I'm using Win2000 and I can't get the game to run at all. It stalls when
    loading. I thought when I switched from the Ti4400 to the 9800 Pro it would
    run, but no such luck. I even tried the XP patch.

    GTX_SlotCar, Feb 9, 2004
  5. Asestar

    gtp Guest

    i have it working on a 8500 DV64 megs and 9700 pro128megs
    win xp amd 1800 xp 512 pc2700 Asus A7n8x deluxe
    gtp, Feb 9, 2004
  6. Asestar

    gtp Guest

    stupid question but you did run the 3d setup ???
    gtp, Feb 9, 2004
  7. Asestar

    Anders E.D Guest

    Delete the "gimme.dll" file in the game directory. It should work then
    Anders E.D, Feb 10, 2004
  8. Asestar

    Asestar Guest

    Where did you get that XP-patch? EA have removed porche2000 from
    Asestar, Feb 10, 2004
  9. Asestar

    GTX_SlotCar Guest

    I don't remember, but I just got it a couple days ago. Try here:

    It also had a list of things on how to get it to work, including renaming
    the gimme.dll to g.dll (but you might lose some cars, tracks or game modes,
    it said).

    NFS:pU wasn't meant for W2K or XP. Too bad, with it's surreal atmosphere it
    was one of my favorite, non-serious racing games.

    GTX_SlotCar, Feb 10, 2004
  10. Asestar

    Asestar Guest

    I don't know about many people, but i still hold PU as THE BEST NFS EVER!
    nfs-hp2 and nfs-u have just forgotten their basics, and are a shame to such

    Need for speed was a game where you could experience being in a car. The
    atmosphere, the handling, the sounds and the dashboards were a part of this

    Ok, so nfsu did have some neat sounds, but it lacks all other things. Where
    t-f are the police? What about da dash? We'd be happy with a 2-D dash as in
    nfs-3 with add-ons like stereo, steeringwheel neons etc. Imagine the power
    of motion blurr when combined with glowing dials on dash and steering wheel!
    Ea should make next nfs based on PU! Maybe do ferrari or bmw this time..
    heck even chevorlet line is ok.
    Asestar, Feb 10, 2004
  11. Asestar

    Nico Bos Guest

    Try the thingy with 'alternate pixel center'. Helped me out perfectly.
    Nico Bos, Feb 10, 2004
  12. Asestar

    Piers James Guest

    works perfectly for me with 9600Pro. However I have the official EA update
    for Porsche 2000 (UK version). If someone has an FTP site or some such, then
    I could easily upload it. The file is about 1.5MB. The "porsche.exe" file is
    the same as the one you can download from the link given in this thread,
    however there are some other files as well.
    Piers James, Feb 10, 2004
  13. Asestar

    Asestar Guest

    Hey, thanks for suggestions. I got it working. Thanks to GTX_Slotcar for
    that link. That and changing dx7a file with one from nfs:MCO, fixed up tha
    Asestar, Feb 11, 2004
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