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Nintendo Revolution gets 'Broadway' and 'Hollywood' CHIPSET

Discussion in 'ATI' started by MS Will Destroy Sony Computer Entertainment, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. the following was written by myself, and *not* a c&p (feel free to c&p it
    all over)

    note that Nintendo's Gamecube console has a 'Gekko' and 'Flipper' chipset
    from IBM (Gekko CPU) and ATI-NEC (Flipper GPU)........ although the Flipper
    was *not* made by ATI, a company that splintered off of SGI did, called
    ArtX. the Flipper and other ArtX-SGI technologies were purchased when ATI
    acquired ArtX, almost 5 years ago.

    being that the Gamecube was developed in the late 1990s, the technology is
    5-7 years old now, dispite the fact that Cube has only been on the market
    for about 4 and half years.

    okay moving to the present day (or at least the last 3-4 years in R&D )

    'Broadway' and 'Hollywood' replace 'Gekko' and 'Flipper'.

    or rather, Broadway and Hollywood are the sucessors to Gekko and Flipper.

    'Broadway' is the IBM CPU (multi core? or single core?) for Nintendo's
    -the next-generation Nintendo console, or system of some sort, that is the
    sucessor to Gamecube.

    'Hollywood' is the ATI graphics processor for Revolution - no details on
    that I've seen.
    (obviously fully ATI developed this time, unlike with Gamecube's Flipper)

    the Nintendo Revolution is going to be backwards compatable with Gamecube.
    this was announced last year in the form of 'N5' and 'GC Next' being said
    officially by Nintendo, to be backwards compatabile with Gamecube. however
    in recent months, the BC feature went into serious doubt....but now,
    thankfully, it has been re-confirmed, in the form of, Revolution will be
    backwards compatable with Gamecube.

    the 'Hollywood' GPU probably has a long heritage. I could try to guess it,
    but I would probably end up being somewhat wrong.

    see, Nintendo's relationship with ATI goes all the way back to Nintendo's
    relationship with Silicon Graphics in 1993 for Project Reality, which became
    the Ultra64 and ultimately, the Nintendo64. most of, if not all of, the
    people that worked on N64's Reality Co-Processor (RCP) the GPU for N64, left
    Silicon Graphics in 1997 to from a company with the specific goal of
    capturing Nintendo's buisness, to get the contract for N64's sucessor. that
    company was Art-X or ArtX.

    ArtX suceeded in beating out other rivals (3Dfx, 3DO Systems, who knows who
    else) for the Nintendo console deal. in 1998, Nintendo announced that it
    would be working with ArtX on the new console. ArtX would obviously be doing
    the graphics, but also helping Nintendo to select a CPU-partner, which was
    in flux at the time. - the console was later announced as Project Dolphin at
    E3 1999... ArtX was making a GPU / LSI ASIC (with help from NEC, MoSys, S3)
    called Flipper.) ....... ArtX had been instrumental in getting Nintendo to
    partner with IBM for the CPU. the IBM CPU was thus announced at E3 1999
    as Gekko. (iirc)......

    After some changes to the Dolphin specifications and hardware configuration,
    the Dolphin was revealed as GAMECUBE in August 2000 at Spaceworld. the
    Gamecube went through a few more changes to *its* new specifications, before
    finally being released in fall 2001.

    ........and now, a 'Hollywood & Broadway' powered 'Revolution' is opon us.


    linkage to articles, showing that Broadway & Hollywood are the CPU & GPU of
    Nintendo Revolution (what's above is *not* an article, but my own notes)


    there are more links, believe me. that's enough though, no? ;)
    MS Will Destroy Sony Computer Entertainment, Mar 10, 2005
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  2. MS Will Destroy Sony Computer Entertainment

    jack Guest

    MS Will Destroy Sony Computer Entertainment
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    OT, x-posting idiot. Plonk!
    jack, Mar 10, 2005
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    MS Will Destroy Sony Computer Entertainment, Mar 10, 2005
  4. MS Will Destroy Sony Computer Entertainment

    chrisv Guest

    Cross-posting asshole troll.

    chrisv, Mar 11, 2005
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