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    Apr 15, 2008
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    Hi, I have lost my CDroms in BIOS & Device Manager! No dust, IDE cables are fine, CDroms all work as I have used then through the USB ports to get into the computer. There is a conflict with a CDrom connected through the USB and any CDrom connected as normal through the IDE cable into the motherboard (jumpers changed around to bypass without success so are bring disconnected when the USB is plugged in. Connected a Floppy on 'A' drive, made up 6 floppies, they load then the final message is NO CD rom Drive, so everything stops there!

    On the BOIS setup, the 'BOOT' screen says that one of the IDE devices has been disabled (I have not altered the settings prior to computer 'playing up' All setting in the BIOS are set to Default. Hard Drive, Floppy & realtec are recognised - that's it?

    In Device Manager, IDE devices, under Advanced Settings I noticed that the 'auto detection' on Primary IDE Channel Properties, Device 0 is half lit up?

    Primary IDE Channel Properties;
    Device 0
    Device Type 'AUTO DETECTION' (is dimly lit - no access to it)
    Transfer mode DMA if available
    Current transfer rate

    Device 1
    Device Type 'AUTO DETECTION' (fully visible)
    Transfer mode DMA if available
    Current transfer rate

    All the other IDE screens are the same, auto detection is 'on' - fully visible? Device 0 & Device 1 all ok.

    SO how can I get the auto detection working normally, also no internet recognition -0 says No hardware? many thanks for this. Phil
    [email protected], Apr 18, 2008
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