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Discussion in 'Asus' started by Edward Jones, Sep 27, 2021.

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    Edward Jones

    Sep 27, 2021
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    Hello. I Upgraded the cooling in my M11BB, adding a case fan and better CPU fan. Fans are 4 pin PWM. The issue is that I can only set the fans to two speeds: If Q-fan is enabled in the BIOS then they run at one speed, a slower one, if it is disabled then they run at their maximum speed.

    My research keeps telling me to access settings and menus that aren’t there. AI Suite II—there is no “fan Xpert” tab or setting I can find. In the BIOS—there is no Q-Fan tuning or power option. (Note: My BIOS is one generation behind—307 not the most recent 403 —which I would rather not fiddle with; Asus says it’s “up to date” I might consider upgrading if I knew it’d resolve this issue.) I know both of these things are available to some—they keep coming up on google with screen shots and so forth—but they don’t appear on my system, unless I’m really, really missing something. As far as the ASUS driver site says, even AI Suite II isn’t for my system—but it seems to work okay for what it does—including giving temp warnings and fan speeds —but no control. AI Suite iii says ‘not for my model’ when I try to load it–so that “Fan Xpert” isn’t available unless its hiding from me in Suite ii — but, even though suite II got loaded somehow, Fan Xpert is missing, or is not part of it.

    I have exhausted all the highest recommend 3rd party options—none so far have provided any control to the fans — certainly not the ability to program them to respond to the CPU temp. (SpeedFan, for example—displays wildly inaccurate fan speeds, although its temperatures are accurate—and there is no option to control the fans. And some other programs all failed for one reason or another.)

    Also—loaded “Asus manager” for my system—everything is grayed out (including power)—except for “Update” and “Support”.

    So—any idea why my system wouldn’t have access to either “Fan Expert” in Suite II or “Q-Fan Tuning” and “power” options in the BIOS? Thank You
    Edward Jones, Sep 27, 2021
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