No Kudos to Epox UK

Discussion in 'Epox' started by Andy, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Andy

    Andy Guest


    I live in the UK and have an EP-8KHA+ mainboard which has succumbed to
    the famous "bad capacitor" problem with most of the larger capacitors
    bulging and some of them leaking. The board is out of warrantee.

    Having read in several forums that Epox repair these boards for
    carriage costs only, I went to the Epox website and was directed to
    Epox UK. I mailed their tech support who responded saying that they
    would repair the board for £17.99 (UKP) which I considered to be
    excessive given that this problem was present at time of manufacture.
    The requested charge was certainly considerably more than carriage
    costs anyway!

    I contacted Epox Europe in the Netherlands explaining that I was aware
    that Epox repaired boards in some countries for carriage costs only
    and asked why Epox UK charge so much. They responded confirming that
    Epox Europe repair such boards for UPS shipment costs only but the
    problem is that the warranty in the UK is arranged by a company called
    Actron which sells the products in the UK for Epox and they have
    different rules for their RMA than Epox Europe. I contacted Epox UK
    again who responded saying that the price of £17.99 was a 'goodwill'
    offer reduced from their normal repair charge of £22.99.

    I declined their 'offer' and I think I'll throw the board in the bin
    and never buy anything else from Epox in the UK.

    It's not so much the charge, but the disparate treatment in the UK
    compared with that elsewhere. Rip-Off Britain yet again.

    Andy, Oct 12, 2005
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  2. Andy

    M Lynn Guest

    Yeah, I emailed them in May about the same thing on the same board and
    they tried to give me some BS about the caps being beyond their
    "endurance period" after only two years!?!?! £105 for a 2-3yr life
    span is pathetic IMO.

    They said they were "unable to offer further assistance in this
    instance" but when I pressed further I was offered the repair for
    £22.99 which I declined for the same reasons as you, and I can buy a
    new board for not much more than that.

    I was disgusted with Epox UK`s attitude to be honest and I`ll never
    buy another board from them either.
    M Lynn, Oct 13, 2005
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