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No sound through SPDIF

Discussion in 'Soundblaster Live' started by Kamil Urban, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. Kamil Urban

    Kamil Urban Guest

    Hi! Recently I bought a DVD software decoder: Power DVD and I'm trying
    to watch a movie on it. But the problem is I can't hear any digital
    sound and my speaker system (DTT 2500 Digital) doesn't seem to sence
    the DD format (no light appears when watching the movie). This is
    happening when I choose the SPDIF sound output in Power DVD's
    settings. When I choose 4 or 2 spekers I hear the sound correctly.
    Here is my configuration: my Pioneer DVD player is connected to the
    IDE connector and also the digital output 2-pin cable is connected to
    the SPDIF input of my SBLive! Platinum card. The SB's Digital Out jack
    is connected to the DD (AC-3) SPDIF input of the speaker system. Also
    the SB card is connected to the LiveDRIVE II which in turn is
    connected to a Digital DIN ad-on fitting in the PCI slot to which the
    Digital DIN cable is connected which fits the Digital DIN input in the
    speaker system. I understand that the SPDIF signal is processed not
    through the digital DIN but through the Digital Out jack but unpluging
    the DIN cable doesn't change much. Please help me cause I can't seem
    to find a sollution to the problem. Waithing for your reply!
    Kamil Urban, Aug 18, 2004
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