"No space left on device" trying to make disk img

Discussion in 'Apple' started by fishfry, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. fishfry

    fishfry Guest

    I'm trying to make a disk image of my Tiger partition. Using Disk
    Utility I can get the process going, and the progress bar gets to about
    80% done, then I get the message "No space left on device."

    At first I thought I actually filled up my output partition, but I got
    the same message when writing the image to an external FW drive with
    huge capacity.

    Then I thought maybe it's reading in a lot of data, using huge amounts
    of virtual memory, and running out of swap space on my system disk.
    (Note, FWIW, I'm booted in Panther for this operation. That's because it
    won't let me image my Tiger partition when Tiger is the boot disk.)

    But it wasn't the swap space either. I monitored the operation with
    'top' and Disk Utility hardly used any memory, and there was no
    swapping, and plenty of free physical memory available.

    So it must be a little bug in Disk Utility. Or something else I'm not
    thinking of.

    Any third-party utilities I should look at?
    fishfry, Jun 19, 2005
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